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As we all know, our bathroom is a sanctuary. A place where you go to relax after a long stressful day. So why not make it feel like a lounge? That way, you will create a space that you will be able to treat somewhat as a lounge which won’t be just a space where you get ready.

Incorporate Stone And Marble in Bathroom

First and foremost, you will have to make sure your bathroom has a good base. One of the most popular styles is marble bathrooms. They are super simple, but they are a perfect background for a lounge bathroom. Depending on your budget and your likings, you can choose marble or go with some natural stones. There are also many combinations that you can choose from to create a style that resembles you.

Combine Modern And Organic in your Bathroom

What will make your bathroom from a place where you refresh to a place where you can spend some time relaxing is combining organic and modern styles. One of the most popular ways of doing so is combining wood decorations with glass accents. You will create balance while still being able to keep it minimalistic. Adding decor like that, you will be able to add warmth to it that will make your time spent in the bathroom calming.

Incorporate Technology

You can’t have a lounge bathroom without any technology. Take it up a knock and add some high-tech things and not only smart toilets. Think of adding all the things that you need to entertain yourself such as a TV, mini-fridges, smart thermostats, bidets, built-in deodorizers and other fun things that will make your bathroom feel like a lounge space. You can also add smart showers as well as a console that you can play from your bathtub.

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But that is not all! If you want to make your experience complete, you can add Bluetooth speakers. There are many fun ways you can incorporate them into your design to make your bathroom feel like the lounge of your dreams. You can even add voice-activated features if you don’t want to touch things with your wet hands. As we live in such a technologically advanced world, there are many things that you can add to your bathroom to make it amazing.

Add Cute Compact Storage Spaces

One of the crucial things, when you are making a bathroom lounge, is no cramped and messy spaces. To have a lounge-like bathroom, you have to make the storage space bigger without actually taking up a lot of space and having your things everywhere. That is why most long bathrooms should have compacted storage areas that will be presented more simply and ensure everything is safe and dry. That will help you be more organised as you will have to store your things neatly. Nothing can make your bathroom look sleek than having hidden cabinets and vanity under space storage because it will make it appear less cluttered.

Have A Nice Vanity

One of the most important things, when you are designing a lounge bathroom, are the vanities that you will incorporate into the design. A delightful bathroom vanity will balance out everything that you have put in as entertainment. Make sure that you choose something that will help you keep your space organised and work well with the space you want. Vanities will add a modern feel to your lounge.

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Add A Fun Bathtub

When you are creating a lounge bathroom, you need to have a focal point of the bathroom which is usually a nice bathtub. When you are choosing the bathtub, you have to choose something that will be comfortable for you. One of the best bathtubs that you can choose is the Bohemian style bathtubs. That’s because they are comfortable to lay in and can also act as the focal point of the room.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting is the most crucial thing that will make your bathroom not only look luxurious but also feel relaxing and attractive. If you are fortunate enough to be working with abundant natural lighting, try to incorporate some softer and more warm-toned lighting to have different moods. Nothing will make a bathroom complete other than adding relaxing things like Himalayan salt lamps, fairy lights and oil diffusers.

Use Trim to Accomplish a Decorative Look

No matter what room you add the trims to, it will make the room more decorative and lounge-like. So why not do it in the bathroom? Try adding crown moulding to create an intimate space as well as adding accent-coloured trims on the windows or floors.


When you are making your bathroom into a lounge, you should always go with something that you know you’ll like. Something that you should always keep in mind is that functionality needs to come first. No matter how much you like a trend, you should always make sure that it is functional before you commit to it, and as you are putting technology into your bathroom, make sure that it is safe. Because there is no point in having a bathroom that is trendy but not functional and hazardous. Always choose to follow trends that you like and not just because they are trendy and everybody is doing it.