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Thanks to advancements in technology, there are so many job openings available now for programmers and developers that it has just become quite challenging. Angular web development is one of the most used frameworks in the field of JavaScript and has been known for some of its impeccable features.

Talking of the features, this framework is known for data binding, directives, and even dependency injection, to name some. To be precise, AngularJS is known to offer better apps that can perform well and web solutions that can be more user-friendly.

But since it is the initial stage; the Angular JS has come up with some quite slow web applications and for which developer faces many times performance issue. That is why in this article, you shall understand different ways of improving the Angular JS performance or even hire dedicated AngularJS Developers. Whether it is to handle the DOM manipulation or the directive usage, you can certainly have the best solution on all of it.

What is AngularJS?

Before we move ahead and understand the best of the ways by which Angular web development performance can be improved, it is better to have a brief introduction about it. This open-source front-end framework focuses on creating impeccable apps and even test them straight. The team of developers works on the framework maintenance, and there is an open-source community of experts contributing to its better performance.

AngularJS Web Development

Usually, it is used for creating Single Page Applications (SPAs). Now, in today’s time, there is a completely revamped version of AngularJS in 2016 known as Angular used in many AngularJS Development Company which holds equal importance to web technologies.

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Ways to Improve the Performance

For software performance, two factors play an important role. The first one is the space complexity, and the other one is the time complexity. Time complexity is all about the time that is needed to execute every statement in the code.

To reduce time complexity, it is important to make the best optimization of the application logic. Here are some ways by which the performance can be improved to a great extent and even take the help of hire offshore dedicated AngularJS Developers company.

Look for the Limit Watcher and use of Scope

If the app is turning out to be quite slow. Then there might be many watches that could be the probable reason. Angular JS makes use of the dirty checking by which all the changes are well tracked that are made in the coding. If the waters are interlinked. Then there is a possibility that the digest cycle might be running two times to make sure that data is well updated.

If the application is large and has been interlined with multiple watchers, then the digest cycle can keep it running until it becomes stable and updated. This would create a lag and thus slow down the whole app. It is important to look at the watcher’s use and the scopes in the app.

Make use of Native JavaScript or Lodash

Lodash is one reason by which the performance of the application gets boosted up. If re-writing is done for some basic logic, there can be quite a lot of difference instead of depending on the inbuilt AngularJS methods.
The Built Angular ways usually account for the generic use scenarios. If Lodash is not present in the application, then you must re-write the whole thing in native JavaScript.

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Use One Time Binding

No doubt that the feature of two-way biding can always help keep the consistency in coding. But it also has some computations every time there is a change in the value. You can hire dedicated AngularJS Programmers who can make use of one-time binding in certain cases by which such issues can be avoided. In AngularJS 1.3, there is also an added provision to make the use of one-way data binding.

For this double colon, notation helps. In one way binding, the Angular JS shall wait for the value to get into stabilization and then render the DOM elements as well. This way value will be more resolved, and then it shall be removed from the array list of the watcher.

Make use of the Timeline and Chrome DevTools Profiler

It is the timeline tool and the DevTools Profiler that can help find the performance bottlenecks. This would guide the efforts of the optimization too.

Directive ng-model

This is another efficient way by which the overall Angular web development can be improved to a great extent. It is used for binding the data between the view layer and model layer. This can debounce the inputs with the help of the ng-model option.

This way, you can control how the digests cycle should run and when should that be. This way, you will make sure that it doesn’t run for more than a certain number, and this lag can be avoided. For this, you might want to extend a dedicated development team.

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Make use of $watchCollection

If you are going to use $watch, two parameters can work the best. But see to it that it is not three because three can make the crowd. You can always add the force of a third parameter so that deep checking can be done. But it would consume ample resources.

That is why $watchCollection has been created. It is more like a third parameter for $watch but can check only the initial layer of every object property. This way, it would not slow down at all, and performance does not get affected.

Filter Provider can be useful too

DOM filters run twice by the AngularJS during every digest cycle. Firstly, it helps detect the changes, and then it is used to update the values which are changed. You can even use the $filter provider since it pre-processes data before you send it to the view layer. This way, you can skip all the time taking process of the DOM praising.


These are just a few of the ways by which your angular JS performance can be improved. It is always better to only employ the best practices from earlier instead of keeping the changes every time. Otherwise, you can also take the help of a dedicated Engineering/programmers Team for betterment.

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