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We all know how challenging it can be to establish a consistent and effective exercise regime in even the most ideal scenario. But when our lives get busy or we, unfortunately, get injured or ill everything can too easily fall out and we come back to square one.

Even before we realize that one week break or rest time turns into two and three weeks as our effective fitness regime along with all our gains and progress starts to fade out and becomes nothing but a memory of the past. Although it may not sound impossible is also very intimidating and challenging to get back in shape, but the truth is it’s never too late to start working out again.

And if we fail for some of many reasons we can always get back into working out with a few smart changes and the right attitude. So here we are having five of the best tips to help anyone get back in shape with little determination and patience with lots of hard work.

Figure out why you stopped exercising the first time:

Before we start working on getting back in shape, it is advised that we should expeditiously figure out the reason why we abandon our fitness regime or fall out of our healthy habits. We need to consider that were we too busy or just ended up bored with performing the same sort of exercise routine or we were hit by some illness or injury. Figuring out will help us falling into the same pitfall and ensuring next time we do not compromise our fitness over the same excuse

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Start small:

So when we are planning on getting back at our fitness regime, we cannot just go and pick from the point we left. For that, we need to start building our stamina and strength first. So it is in the best interest of our fitness that we start small but start strong. For example, we can look at Ali Ghani who is an entrepreneur and investor from Calgary, Canada. Outside of managing his investments, Ali Ghani Edmonton enjoys staying fit and healthy. He is an avid runner and also enjoys traveling

Set simple, realistic goals:

When we are starting again we must keep in mind that we should set short-term goals which are very much realistic. Setting up heavy and overwhelming goals will not only be easy to achieve but can have a degrading effect on our moral and over-all work regime which may lead to frustration and abandonment of our fitness regime in the long run

Focus on consistency:

We must be focused not only on getting back in shape but being committed to it. For that purpose, we need to focus on building a structure that will make it impossible for us to fail. It can include various things such as signing up for weekly group workout class or paying in advance for a month to private sessions with a trainer or making a detailed training and diet plan to follow.

Create an accountability system:

The key component of workouts does not only comprises of self-discipline, motivation, or willpower but accountability. Accountability plays an immense role in staying grounded in our routine and working towards getting back in shape. For that purpose, we can track oneself or try joining a local fitness group or plan workouts with a friend, or ultimately invest in a personal trainer which will create a sense of accountability and help us stick to the routine with consistency.

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It can be quite challenging at first to get back things in place and start working on getting back in the best possible shape of oneself. But with the above-mentioned tips and strategies, anyone can get back into shape in an easy way.

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