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The capital city of India, the heart of the country the corporate hub of the nation. A city of people crowded always energized and ready for anything that comes. The city accepts you with open arms and one tends to get along the fast pace of this metro. Finding a hotel in Delhi is not that difficult. There is one or two in every commercial street and more than hundreds in a touristy landmark.

When one searches for a hotel in Delhi, results come in thousands. So how can one decide out of the overwhelming numbers-

  1. The purpose of the visit: The first thing that decides the perfect type of hotel that will fit into your requirements is the purpose of your visit as people visit the city for varied reasons from for a medical visit to, touristy experience, education or business. There are millions of people traveling to the city for work regularly. From a billionaire businessman to a casual wage person looking for work. The city caters to the needs of every social and economic class. The purpose matters as a person coming for business will prefer a decent hotel with facilities like conference room, WIFI facility, a workspace, etc., on the contrary, a student coming to the city for their exams just need the accommodation to sleep and study. A person coming with family for a vacation has to foresee the food facility, facilities for kids, pool, city tour, etc.
  2. Hotel Budget: The next filter is what everyone tends to do is to sort from low to high while finding their perfect hotel match. Having a fixed budget in mind always helps. As the options are so many to choose from so there is a hotel for every budget. It is important for many people as hotel expenses are hefty in many parts of the country. But luckily in Delhi, one can find a room from 500 to even 50000 per night. Hence a room for every pocket. There is a huge number of travellers coming from foreign countries too as the major international airport is in the capital. The people coming from abroad to see incredible India stay near touristy destinations and prefer a stay where they can have good meals in a buffet format.
  3. Duration of the visit: Duration of the visit to the city also matters, as if one is for a longer time then they will choose the hotel more rationally keeping in mind the per night tariff, the amenities provided by the hotel. People tend to spend more if they are staying for a day or a weekend. Plan your travel in such a manner that you can take full benefit of the checkout and check-in time.
  4. No. of co-travellers: The number of people one is traveling with also impacts the choice of hotel. When with a large group one tends to occupy suites and when alone then even a bunker works for some people. There is an emerging trend of capsule hotels, where one can stay in a small capsule-like structure. They are space and budget-friendly. Some hotels are especially preferred by honeymooners and then some are family-friendly spaces.
  5. Preference of location: Delhi on a map may be a dot but it covers a large space, even the outskirts are no more just the periphery of the city. They are all part of the city. So, the location can be a bit away from the centre of the city with less crowd and traffic. Or it can be easily accessible by the metro. With the rise in ecotourism, green hotels are also there that indulge in sustainable practices. Choose the location near to the place of work and purpose. So that one does not spend most of the time commuting.
  6. Track online deals: Always compare the prices offered by the hotels on various sites. Prebook if it is a planned visit. Many sites offer special discounts on the first login or say at festival season time. Keep a check on emails too many times gift coupons are sent by mail. Finally, pay via credit cards or UPI to get cashback offers. Read the refund policy carefully and avail travel insurance if possible. There are chances of travel restrictions occurring anytime, especially after the covid19 pandemic.
  7. Facilities required: Then comes filtering on basis of the facilities required by the traveller. These are highly subjective as one person may consider a workout area or a gym as mandatory while others might not consider it even a bit important. While industry norms have made certain amenities basic like foodservice, kettle and tea kit, basic toiletries doctor on call, etc.
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Thus, while booking a hotel in Delhi keep all the above tips in mind. By following them, one will have a better traveling experience. A good part of the travel experience depends upon the hotel one stays in. it is also a constant pressure on the hotel management to provide the best hospitality. It is not an easy task to run a hotel in a city like Delhi where everything is replicable from resources to infrastructure. The city moves fast and once one thing gets buried in history it remains there. With digitization, it has become mandatory for the past five years to create not just an online listing but an online engagement too.

The customer is smarter in this smartphone era, they compare, they ask, the post reviews that too in real-time. The network of networks has created the need to maintain the reputation offline as well as online. One can make the visit memorable not by visiting every place possible but by actually living in the moment and taking rational decisions. Hard-earned money should not be wasted on something worthless but instead, a decision made after comparing and analyzing the options. Delhi teaches everyone major life lessons no matter how short your visit is. There reside immense joy and energy in the people that will delight anyone. Happy staying.