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Perhaps nobody wants to suffer from a heart stroke or any heart disease. But, blood pressure has most often no symptoms, so a significant number of people have not realized it. Untreated blood pressure can damage organs over time and can lead you to stroke or heart disease. Because our blood pressure changes constantly depending on what activities we are doing. Online pharmacy UK experts recommend that people at risk or who already have high blood pressure should monitor at home with a blood pressure monitor UK.

Blood pressure is the force of blood pressing on our arteries’ walls as it flows through the body. By monitoring BP at home regularly with a complete guide by using Omron blood pressure monitors, you become actively involved in your own care. You can track your progress and know instantly if your blood pressure medications are effective. 

What affects your blood pressure readings?

Many different things can affect a blood pressure reading, including nervousness, what you ate before the test, and how you are sitting. It’s important to get accurate readings so that you have a clear image of the risk for heart diseases or stroke. Let’s get brief information about that. 

  • Nervousness about having your blood pressure readings taken – It is called “white coat syndrome.” 2 in 5 people who have a high blood pressure reading at a doctor’s office may have normal readings outside of it.
  • It depends on what you ate, drank, or did something before your reading – If you drank alcohol or caffeine, smoked, or exercised within 30 minutes of having your blood pressure measured, your blood pressure reading might be higher.
  • How you are sitting – By crossing your legs and letting your arms bend at your side rather than resting it on a table at chest height can make your blood pressure go high.
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A reading that says your blood pressure monitors are low then it does give you a false relief of security about your health. At the same time, when your reading says that your blood pressure is higher than it usually is, it may lead to the treatment you don’t need.

How can you self-monitor your blood pressure at home?

Talk with your health care professional about regularly measuring your blood pressure at home called (SMBP) self-measured blood pressure monitoring and don’t believe in any myth of blood pressure.

It means you regularly use a personal blood pressure monitor UK measurement device away from a doctor’s clinic or hospital and usually at home. These blood pressure monitors are easy, quick, and safe to use. A healthcare team member of UK pharmacy can show you how to use one if you need help.

Proof shows that people with high blood pressure are more likely to lower their blood pressure if they use SMBP.  

Refer using these additional tips for SMBP:

  • Use a blood pressure log to record your blood pressure measurements.
  • Take your blood pressure measurements regularly at the same time.
  • Take at least readings two times, 1 or 2 minutes apart.

Advantages of monitoring your blood pressure

Blood pressure monitoring in the UK is an important way of diagnosing your health. Doing it yourself at home allows you to actively assist your doctor by carrying out additional checks that are useful in evaluating your blood pressure progress.

No more white coats

Are you a bit emotional? Or, do you sometimes suffer from anxiety? Maybe you suffer from white coat syndrome. In these syndromes, just shaking with a doctor’s hand is enough to get your heart racing and increase your blood pressure. 

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But now, you can also take your own readings in the comfort of your own home with a blood pressure monitor wrist. It means you can obtain real figures as you go with your daily activities. These are more accurate than those taken in your doctor’s clinic. The instruments you use from online pharmacy UK are accurate. So there’s no need to worry!

It can also identify masked hypertension

A hidden threat is a masked hypertension. It is a type of hypertension that displays itself in normal values when recorded in a clinic, but figures are high when you’re at home. Result? Your doctor thinks you have normal blood pressure, but in reality, it’s high blood pressure. 

Self-measurement may reveal high blood pressure numbers outside the clinic, which increases your health risks such as heart attacks and strokes. By comparing the clinic’s data with that from your measurements taken at home, the doctor can diagnose masked hypertension.

It monitors your blood pressure and gives details

If you need to keep track of your blood pressure, domiciliary self-measurement will give you a detailed measurement profile over time. The evolution of technology that is self-measurement of blood pressure allows you to connect with your computer’s digital blood pressure monitor UK. It will print out all the readings you have taken so far and email them to your doctor with a single click. How often should you measure your blood pressure?

You should consult your health care team about how often you should have your blood pressure measured or when to measure it by yourself. Those who have high blood pressure may need to monitor their blood pressure more often with an Omron blood pressure monitor than people who do not have high blood pressure. If your numbers are high, then talk to our online pharmacy UK expert health care team. They will help you to control your blood pressure.