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There are many young peoples  who, now exasperated by the poor job opportunities in their country of origin, decide to go to the other side of the world for a better future or for an experience that could open up new horizons. In fact, Australia has for years now seemed to embody what was once the “American dream”, that is, moving thousands of miles away from loved ones to secure a job and a good salary. But how can this coveted country be reached?

Application for an ETA or e Visitor tourist visa to travel to Australia

The ETA e-Visa is actually an electronic travel authorization that allows you to travel to Australia more easily. This type of visa is reserved for residents of some countries, including Canada, and allows you to make mandatory administrative procedures much easier. This form of electronic visa is obtained through a simple online application by filling out a form in which a certain number of questions are asked and in which you must enter your passport number. The answer is obtained by e-mail in a time ranging from a few minutes to a few days.

What is the ETA e-Visa?

The ETA visa is intended for travelers wishing to go to Australia for tourism, for a business trip or to pursue studies. However, it only concerns stays of less than 3 months and does not allow you to work in the country. Once obtained, the ETA visa is valid for one year and can therefore be used for further trips in compliance with the same conditions mentioned above and if there are no significant changes in the data provided. What is the e Visitor visa? The e Visitor visa is in a sense the first online application visa put in place by the Australian government. It is older than the ETA visa but works the same way. It is therefore also valid for one year and for stays of less than 3 months for tourism, business, studies and internships. This visa cannot be used for work either. It should be noted that the ETA visa has some advantages over the e Visitor, in particular as regards the response times to the application and the simplicity of the procedures to be carried out online. This first solution is therefore preferable.

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The requirements for obtaining a visa:

The necessary requirements to be able to obtain the Working  visa are: an age between 18 and 30 years old, so it is possible to apply for a visa up to the day before the age of 31; have an Origin  passport; be in good health and have enough money to pay for travel and accommodation costs.

How to apply for a visa.

The procedure for applying for this particular type of work visa for Australia can be started directly online on sites  and is very simple: just fill in the application form with all the data, providing the number of a valid passport. In general, no special health tests are necessary, except in the case where the work you are going to do, once you arrive in Australia, does not require it. In the latter case you will need to provide the results of the medical check. The form to fill out to apply for the Working for Indian citizens, also always make sure that all the data provided are correct because otherwise you would risk being denied a visa by the authorities that deal with immigration in the country . After filling in all the fields of the form and submitting the online request, you must wait for the time necessary to check the documentation provided, which usually takes a few days. After your visa is granted you will have 12 months to enter the country and from that moment you will have an additional 12 months to work and discover the wonders of Australia.

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The conditions and duration of the visa:

The Working  visa has a duration of 12 months and, after its expiry, it can be renewed for as many 12 months. Once you have obtained the visa you can travel throughout the Australian territory and even outside it without any problem. This visa allows you to work with the same employer for only 6 months, precisely because the purpose of the visa is to work, but also to take a vacation with the money you earn. You will be able to apply for a second visa of this type only if during the previous period you worked as a “specified worker” for a minimum of 88 days. Furthermore, the same visa allows you to undertake study courses with a maximum limit of 4 months. If the ultimate goal is to find a job or study in Australia, then specific visas can be applied for for these purposes, such as a worker or student visa.




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