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Most people think that there is no link between diabetes and comfortable shoes. They think that diabetes is a blood sugar related problem and it is not linked with the shape and size of shoes. Do diabetic people really need special kinds of footwear? People who are suffering from diabetes for many years start suffering from the loss of sensation in their feet. This condition is known as neuropathy. In the worst situation, the diabetic sufferer does not feel anything in their feet. Diabetic people who have completely lost sensation in their feel do not feel anything even if the nail pierces their feet. Therefore, it is extremely important for diabetic people to take care of their feet. Diabetic people should never walk barefoot. The amount of blood circulation in the feet of diabetic people will be reduced significantly. Thus, if you are suffering from diabetes, start taking care of your feet. The diabetic people must invest in diabetic footwear so that the pressure reduces under the feet. Here, we are going to discuss various points that will help you to invest in the right quality of diabetic footwear:

  1. Shape Of Shoe

When it comes to buying diabetic footwear, you should pay complete attention to the shape of the shoes. It is important to ensure that the shoe should be broad from the front. The narrow or pointed shoes are not perfect for diabetic sufferers. If your shoes are not wide enough, diabetic people will feel discomfort. Their feet will rub against the side of the shoes. Constant rubbing will lead to blisters and calluses. If diabetic people have developed the condition of neuropathy, these people should pay special attention to the shape of the shoes. It is so because they will not be able to sense pain or pressure. Ultimately, their feet will start suffering from other feet problems. If the feet of diabetic people are already suffering from the deformities, they should purchase the custom shoes. The custom shoes for diabetic people are made on special orders. First of all, the accurate measurement of feet is taken, and then the special shoes are prepared in the special order. In addition to this, if you have identified the pressure points under your feet, you can easily modify your shoes by adding a layer of material to reduce the pressure and make you feel comfortable. Diabetic people can also choose diabetic comfort slippers.   

  1. Sole Of Shoes
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Some of the shoes need to be firm and comfortable. It is important to ensure that the insole is soft and made up of special kinds of material such as microcellular plastic, plastazote, or microcellular rubber. If the sole of the shoes wears out, diabetic footwear should be immediately replaced. The shoes must be replaced as soon as the insole wears out. According to experts, diabetic footwear should be stitched and not be nailed.

  1. Women Footwear

Women who are suffering from diabetes should also pay special attention to their footwear. Women love to wear sandals. But, women who are suffering from diabetes should choose sandals that are comfortable to wear and do not create any kind of foot problem. When it comes to choosing comfortable sandals for diabetic women, you should select the one that consists of the backstrap that helps in holding the feet in the right position. The backstrap will make it easy for you to walk with these sandals. The backstrap will prevent the need of putting pressure and hold the sandals with toes. While choosing the sandals, you should be aware of Velcro. The Velcro can scrape against your feet. The Velcro can rub against the foot and lead to rashes. There are other options as well such as diabetic boots for women. In addition to this, diabetic people should avoid wearing slippers with two prongs. Also, you should wear special diabetic socks that are soft on your skin. The diabetic socks are made up of cotton and do not comprise elastic.

  1. Be Aware
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When it comes to daily podiatry care, you should pay attention to various things. You should take care of your feet regularly. It is recommended that you should wash and moisturize your feet regularly. Also, you avoid prolonged exposure of your feet in excessively hot and humid temperatures. While washing your feet, you should use normal water. Avoid using extreme hot or extremely cold water. Also, it is recommended that you should not sit with cross-legs. You should do regular inspection of your feet and regularly visit your doctor for foot examination.

Final Words

These are a few ways to choose the right diabetic shoes or footwear for the diabetic sufferer. The people who are suffering from diabetes not just purchase comfortable footwear, but also do regular care.

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