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Before a one or two decade ago, cameras for security were just simple standalone cameras which captured the visuals of the area in front of them. But now the experts have invented many advances that are revolutionizing the industry. The high-tech boom of advanced inventions is beneficial in such ways for its customers. In the past few years, the industry has introduced many new technologies and helps people to increase the security of their houses and offices. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing inventions of security camera technology which has changed the definition of safety cameras.

1.   360-Degrees view:

Once upon a time, one pixelation of a specific area captured by a camera was high-tech-ness. But now many cameras of the latest technology can tout 130 degrees views, which allows a house owner to keep an eye on the comprehensive coverage of a room if a camera is installed in the corner. But the trend of 130 degrees view is also off the air now since the German company has introduced 360 degrees field view cameras. Now the user of these new technology cameras can take the full notch of their rooms, doesn’t matter where the camera has installed.

2.   Face recognition:

A new era of security cameras has started when Netamo has introduced the facial recognition features in a camera. It helps many parents who are working in their offices, and their kids are alone at home. The facial recognition feature is used to identify the members of a family, and it is generally installed on the main door of the house. When the camera recognizes the face of the person who is staying outside the home, it will send personalized updates to the owner, and they can open the door without any fear. If the owner notices a stranger is standing out of the house, then they can alert their kids not to open the door.

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3.   Night Vision cameras:

The older standalone cameras were able to work only with the daylights. But now the time has changed. All the cameras of nowadays are featured with night vision technology which helps the owners to get the high-quality surveillance footage even without lights around. One can install it both outside and inside of their homes. With the night vision feature, these cameras are also moisture resistant and capable of bearing the challenging weather conditions.

4.   Smartphone surveillance:

You may have seen many times when the police force is sitting in the security room of the building and watching the footage after the crime. These are because of wired cameras, and it is quite easy to delete the footage from those cameras. But now after the invention of 360IQ, the wireless cameras are compatible with the owner’s smartphones. It means now you can watch all movements of your house and offices on your mobile screen and there are no chances of deleting the footage by someone else. Only the owner has full access to their cameras. This wireless security camera technology also allows users to change the angle of the camera through their smartphones.

5.   Solar power integration cameras:

It seems that many of the business owners are still using the weird wired camera with power cable and use electric power to operate them. These wireless cameras can be costly and time-consuming. But as a solution, the industry has launched solar power integration cameras and turned them into wireless systems. After the invention, the businesses who have installed these solar power cameras in their offices are now able to reduce the costs of their security.

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6.   Two-way Talk Cameras:

Now cameras not only can watch the movements, but it also allows the user to talk. Nest Cam is the perfect example of this invention. It provides a medium through which people can talk to each other. These cameras are popular among the parents who left their children at home alone and want to communicate with them remotely.


We all are the witness to the increasing crime of today’s world. Maybe the police force has failed to control the crime, or they are unable to provide security to each building. So it’s become our responsibility to save ourselves and our kids from serious crime. The security camera is playing a major role in the safety terms, but still, it’s on us to install cameras in our homes and offices.

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