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Surrogacy is a procedure followed by a couple or a single parent who is called intended parents. This procedure is for those parents and couples who cannot have children regardless of what the reason may be. There are several options when it comes to surrogacy, gestational and traditional surrogacy being the two of its types. It is a rather costly procedure, especially in the United States. However, most intended parents choose Europe to save the surrogacy cost. Some countries in Europe have a relatively less surrogacy cost, no matter what type of surrogacy it is. Before going through the surrogacy process, you need to know the right methods and costs. Here we are showing the most popular surrogacy destinations, surrogacy guidelines, and ultimate surrogacy cost.

Surrogacy in Europe

Just like the rest of the world, only some countries in Europe legalize surrogacy while in most of European countries it is banned and considered illegal. France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Italy, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Slovakia, and Bulgaria are a few countries of many that have surrogacy banned. It is illegal to carry out the procedure of surrogacy in these countries. Countries that allow surrogacy in Europe are Hungary, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, and Albania. Most foreigners head to Europe for surrogacy now because the cost is more than half of what it would cost them in the United States. The countries that allow surrogacy in Europe are also known to be more surrogacy friendly than most surrogacy friendly states in America. They have fewer rules and easy laws for surrogacy. The interest in surrogacy in European countries started after the ban on surrogacy in Asian countries. After it was considered illegal in India and Thailand, intended parents and foreigners started heading to Europe for surrogacy. When it comes to surrogacy in Europe most people choose Ukraine out of all the options available to them. Although the surrogacy process in Europe is not a new clinical idea but still it is not legally accepted anywhere in Europe. Thus a higher number of intended parents are in Europe, the surrogacy seekers are rapidly growing especially the intended single parents. Due to the availability of surrogate mother, easy legal process, availability of egg donors, and other necessary components Europe is the first choice for the new intended parents.

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Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine has been marked as the home of surrogacy. The surrogacy costs are comparably cheaper than other neighboring countries as well as the surrogacy components are also available here. So many agencies, clinics, availability of surrogate mothers, egg donors even all the necessary components are closer to the process.  Surrogacy in Ukraine is the top choice of intended parents and foreigners. In Europe, surrogacy in Ukraine is the most reasonable and affordable as compared to other European countries. As Ukraine is not a rich country, it’s people turn to things like surrogacy to make extra money. It is also a way to make a lot of money quickly. Surrogacy in Ukraine has both gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy options available. It is legal to carry it out in Ukraine, unlike other European countries. Intended parents are often forced to choose surrogacy in Ukraine because of the low rates and the laws. The prices are the cheapest that one could find in the whole world and the laws are in the favor of the parents. One of the laws says that the baby has nothing to do with the surrogate mother and it only belongs to the parents and the baby’s birth certificate will only have the parents’ name on it and not the surrogates. These things make it hard for the intended parents to even think of another country.

Cost in Europe

It is true that surrogacy brings the solution to intended childless people but the processes are costly as well as not allowed in every country. Among European countries surrogacy is mostly allowed and popularly in Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Greece, etc. Thus the process is covered by legal procedures you might check and consider the European countries that were easy to process. The costs are legal processes that are different in different countries you might compare and choose the most convenient.  As we have mentioned before, it is relatively cheaper to have surrogacy in Europe, and now we will look at some figures to know the exact cost of surrogacy in various European countries. Georgia is one of the counties in Europe where surrogacy is legal and not just that but it also has surrogacy friendly laws. So, in Georgia, it costs around $42,000 to $60,000 to have a baby through surrogacy. This cost covers everything, pretty surprising I know. This is almost 60% less than what it would cost in the United States of America. The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is $30,000 to $50,000, cheaper than the cost of it in Georgia. The cost of everything is covered in this amount as well. All the tests, the payment to the surrogate, the medicine, everything is included in it. Surrogacy cost in Russia is $40,000 to $60,000. Similar to Georgia but not as popular as a destination for surrogacy as it. Last but not the least, surrogacy in Colombia is around $64,000. Surrogacy in Colombia is most often chosen by more homosexual couples. Looking at the costs in these European countries, it now does make sense as to why foreigners prefer them over other countries. Surrogacy in Europe is indeed a cheaper process as compared to the United States of America and other countries. Visit on leihmutter kosten to learn more about surrogacy costs.

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Final Words:

Surrogate parenthood is one of the modern clinical processes that bring the solution to the intended childless people. Although the surrogacy process is quite expensive but following a proper guideline that reduces the surrogacy costs. Surrogacy costs vary on several factors including availability of surrogate mother, polls cost, donor costs, etc. However, you might find a suitable surrogacy destination the process legally accepted as well as costs are also affordable. We already have shown an ultimate overview of surrogacy costs that might help you.

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