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Jordan Turpin is a 17 years old  child who, along with her 12 other siblings, were rescued by authorities from the “House of Horrors”, where they were beaten, starved, and isolated by their parents. Jordan was rescued on Sunday, January 14. The 12 siblings, aged between 2 and 29, were rescued after one of the children escaped through a window and called police. They were abused by their parents. As many of the Jordan Turpin social media accounts were active, it’s clear Jordan and her siblings were able to maintain contact with the online world.

Mainly, it was Jordan who called the authorities for rescuing her and her siblings from home abusiveness from her parents. They were totally isolated from the outside world and remain in home all the time. Jordan was also featured in several interview in regards to the House of Horrors that she’s appeared in YouTube since age 11. Jordan Turpin social media Tiktok account shows her dancing around and singing. Her bio shows that she loves to dance and to write.

Louse Turpin Kept Her 13 Children Captive for Years!

According to the original press release by Child Protective Services of Riverside County, the siblings have been “isolated from the world” and didn’t have contact with the outside world. No sources have been given so far. No search was done by law enforcement in regards to the children’s whereabouts, no interviews with family members and neighbors have been done by any social services. However, we can infer from the Jordan’s YouTube account and Instagram account that the children were able to access social media.

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During the Turpin children’s absence from school, they were allegedly not in school. They were kept inside the home, as well as not allowed to talk to anyone, not allowed outside or play with children their age. There were even times that they weren’t allowed to even watch TV. Their confinement to the house is still unknown. It is so very wrong for an adult to go that far and harm any child. Jordan Turpin social media accounts were active in 2017 and now she’s doing a lot in her career.

How She was Able to Access Social Media?

Jordan Turpin social media presence was very visible. The police were able to access most of the accounts, finding that Jordan Turpin had a combined Facebook account and Instagram account. However, it is still kept secret from the police that how she got internet access for maintaining social media accounts and for getting internet coverage. The other 12 siblings are currently being treated at area hospitals for their injuries, according to police, with the youngest of them aged 2.

They are in rehabilitation centers for learning new things and for recovering their mental health after this trauma. Jordan’s Twitter account first appeared on February 5, 2017. Jordan’s Facebook account first appeared on December 18, 2017. Although it is currently offline, it is clear Jordan was able to have social media presence. She and her 12 siblings were rescued in 2018 in January but she was using the social media accounts from 2017.

Jordan Turpin Becomes TikTok Star After Escaping House of Horror

Jordan Turpin is now a social media influencer. She has become the TikTok star now. Her dance and singing videos are admired by her following. She has more than 500,000 followers. It is clear that Jordan’s use of social media has increased dramatically and that she is working on her online presence more and more. On the last post on her TikTok account, she wrote, “Overwhelmed with all the love!”

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Jordan Turpin is a popular TikTok star. She is earning a lot from her social media accounts. She’s a little superstar. The other girls have recently released a video called “Good Bye House of Horrors” in which they speak about Jordan’s success. It is very likely she is using YouTube as well. Jordan Turpin social media accounts use various hashtags.

How She Became Famous for TikTok?

Jordan Turpin became famous for TikTok. In the TikTok videos, she has been featured as well. She became famous when her account was mentioned on the /r/dance and TikTok. Jordan Turpin is known as the youngest victim of the “House of Horrors.” While other victims have become famous before, Jordan Turpin has become a social media star in her own right. The youngest victim of the horror, who lived in Perris, Ca., from she was a baby to she was a teenager, is Jordan Turpin, who is now 17.

Jordan Turpin social media TikTok accounts first surfaced around 2017 and that made her a social media star. There is no doubt that many of the children have been exposed to so many negative emotions that the have a hard time adjusting. There are reports that abuse of the 13 Turpin siblings in the Perris, Ca., house was going on for years. But the brave girl, Jordan Turpin , wanted to have a normal childhood despite living in a horrifying situation.

Very little is known about Jordan Turpin’s social media accounts. It is clear that she has engaged in some type of dancing. Jordan is popular among dancers and others who enjoy dancing. TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world and if you search #JordanTurpin in TikTok, you will find many videos. The videos range in length from a few seconds to a few minutes and the theme varies from hip hop to salsa.

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Jordan Turpin has succeeded in getting her name out there through social media. Her social media accounts are active and she is growing her fan base. It’s clear that Jordan enjoys working on her TikTok videos and interacting with her fans. If she wanted to get her name out there, she has done a great job. Her videos garner thousands of views each. She was a victim of child abusive activities but she recovered and now has a positive outlook on life. Jordan is doing just fine.

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