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Living clothes by mixing and matching them is the hottest trend of the season. One of the easiest ways to look photo-ready is to pair a short dress or tunic with pants. You might have outgrown some short dresses and tunics, but it does not mean it needs to be tossed out in the cold. Wearing it with a contrasting pair of pants can make you look incredibly flattering. Layering it with pants is not only easy on the pockets but also so comfortable enough to always be on the go. Now, who wouldn’t want the perfect combination of comfort, style and affordability? Here are five ways how you can style your tunic or short dress over pants.

Learn the length

It is not a good idea to pair a long dress with long flowing pants. This combination can mess up your look, making it appear very haphazard. It is better to pay attention to the lengths of the dress, which will cover nearly two-thirds of the entire look. The pants, on the other hand, can cover the remaining one-third. It is the principle length that should be followed for a standard tunic and pants look. The length plays a vital role in making your look stand out from the rest.

To find out more about styling tunics with pants, read on.


Mix the silhouettes

It might seem like a big bass for beginners to mix and match the silver rate of the dress and the pants, but it pays off. There is no hard and fast rule as to which dress will look good with which pants. You can mix the types of fabrics of the two items of clothing and then judge how they work on your body. Layering the same kind of silhouettes might end up looking monotonous so always remember to play it up.

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No set pattern

There are multiple options for ladies tunic dresses when it comes to colours and patterns. There are ample options available in every woman’s wardrobe, and any of them can be paired with pants. Tunics are generally more suitable for skinny pants. If the tunic or short dress has bold prints or design, try to go for a minimal pant that does not clash with the dress. The same goes for the other way around unless you want to look over the top.


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Get the perfect fit

It is not always the best idea to pair a short body con dress with skinny pants. Not only does it look tight, but it also feels uncomfortable, especially for a long day. It is better to go for or a relaxed fit dress like a short dress with leggings for skinny pants. If not, skinny pants also flirted long coats over short dresses for a runway-inspired look.


Add some colour

While you are having fun with innovating new outfits with your old dresses and pants, do not forget to add some colour to the look. Ladies tunic dresses have so many splashes of colour that can be accentuated with patterned or colourful pants. The classic black and white combination can be stepped up by adding neutral coloured pants with bright-coloured dresses. Also, accessories make a world of difference in pulling your look together.


These are some ways how every woman can create new outfits by reusing the short dresses and tunics with pants. The sustainable trend is all the reads in the world of fashion nowadays, and the East reusing old clothes is suitable for people like us as well as the environment. So layer it up and look nothing less than a fashionista with your next outfit.