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Why is PHP Still Trending in India?

Since the IT industry is emerging at a high pace, every day several new technologies and coding languages enter and exit from the market. However, there are some languages that have a remarkable journey and one of them is PHP. Every web development company wants to hire PHP developers to achieve their organizational objects effectively. However, there are very bizarre statements about PHP in the market. Many states that PHP is a dead language. On the contrary, many states that PHP is a brilliant coding language and has a healthy future.

What is PHP?

Basically, PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor however, it initially stood for Personal Home Page.

PHP is widely used in web development and is one of the oldest programming languages. Drupal and WordPress are two of the biggest platforms based on PHP. PHP can be used to create both static and dynamic websites and Web applications and is an open-source server-side scripting language. PHP is primarily used by web developers to add features that HTML cannot do, as well as to interact with MySQL databases.

Interesting Facts about PHP

  • PHP is powerful enough that WordPress, the biggest blogging portal, uses it.
  • PHP is deep enough that Facebook, the world’s largest social network, uses it.
  • PHP is easy to learn enough that even beginners can learn and master it.

Career Opportunities in PHP

  • Command-line Scripting – This function deals with parsing HTML on web servers in order to provide the correct HTML to the user’s browser.
  • Server-side Scripting – By using scripts, clients can create customized responses to a website based on their requests.
  • Database Concepts – Data from files and databases are processed during the user interaction process.
  • Desktop Application Development – In order to ensure an efficient and comfortable human-computer interaction, the graphic user interface or GUI holds sway.
  • Web Development – This involves whole web design, architects, development and it requires extensive experience and skills.
  • Compiler Based Applications – It is possible to build an application in another language than PHP and align it later with the PHP ecosystem.
  • Computer Programming – It requires some PHP skills, however, mainly involves C++ and Java.
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 Popular PHP Trends

  • Responsive Web Design: Presently, the number of mobile users is increasing day by day. It means that people are utilizing online sites fully. Therefore, it becomes more important to build responsive web designs for user convenience.
  • Flash: It’s common;y used for 3D interactions on websites to grab user attention. For e.g. Banner Ads, Games, etc.
  • Online Presentation: A good online presence is vital to attract users so that they spend more time on the website.
  • Special Effects: After grabbing the attention, it’s necessary to keep the users engaged. In this, special effects like Parallax scrolling with great images or banners will work perfectly.
  • Fixed Header Bar: A fixed header helps users to access services and brand promotion.

Demand for PHP

Though PHP is one of the oldest programming languages still, it has a great demand in the market. Several reasons contribute to the popularity of PHP, including the age of its codebase. The more time PHP spends on the market, the more legacy code it usually generates.

There are numerous coding languages in the market and the market demand sometimes increases and sometimes decreases with time. However, there is no programming language that’s constantly on the same rank. Many reasons affect the market demand for coding languages every year. However, every year, the demand and popularity of programming languages change. In addition, new programming languages come with attractive features. Still, the charm of PHP can never be replaced with any language as it has brilliant features.

Skills that affect PHP Developer Wages

Client-side Scripting

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To be a successful PHP developer, one must be well versed in various client-side scripting languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Database Concepts

Databases are collections of Data Resources and Information, and PHP developers must know the principles behind databases and how to interface PHP with database management tools like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, etc.

Frameworks Understanding

It is necessary for PHP developers to be comfortable with one of the following frameworks. Frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, Zend, FatFree, and CodeIgniter should be known.

OOPS Concepts

Since PHP follows many OOPS Concepts, it is important for PHP developers to understand how to use OOPS Concepts.

Why is PHP Popular?

Below-mentioned are the reasons for PHP popularity: –

Improved codebase

PHP has been in the market for a long time and with a large user community. PHP is continually improved, which has given it longevity. With each release, PHP has improved a lot.


Currently, WordPress is the most popular CMS based on PHP. PHP is a versatile language and it’s supreme in the specialization. The language’s flexibility, scalability, and customizability make it a top choice.

Easy to learn

As compared to many programming languages that have steep learning curves, PHP is relatively easy to learn. With PHP, you can build a working dynamic web page with a database in a few days.


The entire IT industry including the big companies is still using PHP. Moreover, the usage statistics of PHP are increasing day by day thus many enthusiasts are enrolling for PHP trainingto learn the skills. Moreover, PHP has a long way to go in the IT or web development industry as the usage stats clearly indicate the same.