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Lathe Machine

The lathe machine is one of the superannuated machine tools and a handy machine too. The main function of the lathe is to give the metal the desired shape and size from the workpiece. This is possible by holding it securely and firmly in the working machine and rotating it against the cutting tool, which removes the metal from the work in the form of chips.

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Rolling Machine

The construction type of the machine is a symmetrical three-roller type. The upper roller is lifted vertically and relocated to the center of symmetry between the two lower rollers. Seamless hollow tubes, rods are made by rolling machine. Rolling is used to manufacturing cross-section of enormous sections and to cut gears on gear banks.

Threaded parts, screws, and bolts are the mass production by the rolling machine. Different types of parts are processed by the rolling process in the automotive industries. Turbines rings, steel sheets, plates are the products of rolling machines.

The hydraulic rolling machine is appropriate for bending metal sheets in small scale industries, has a fixed range of arc, round and angular workpieces interposed by sheet bending machine manufacturers. The plate has a pre-bending role, can be used for low rollers for starting roller.

Power Press Machine

A power press machine is used to cut, shape, press, and join any sheet of metal into the desired shape. It is a multi-purpose machine used to form a metal sheet to procure the shape of parts to be used in the electrical, automotive industry, and electronic equipment. The power press machine works on the rule of modifying the metal sheet by applying the required force. The principal components are the clutch, ram, flywheel, bed, and crankshaft.

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A power press machine is a multi-functional machine used in various small industries for cutting, shaping, and pressing sheet metal appraised by Power press manufacturers & exporters. The power press machine holds up multiple needs such as pressing, press cutting, and straightening. The power press machine is mostly used in the manufacturing industry to prepare casing for equipment.

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Ball pen hammer

Mainly used by engineers, the pine of this hammer is circular. It is commonly used to circle the edges of metal pins and fasteners, to close rivets, and to form metal.

Dead blow hammer

The head of this hammer is specially designed for low impact and soft stroke. It usually consists of a solid rubber or plastic head or a semi-hollow head filled with a shot of sand or lead.

They can be used on all parts from woodwork to automotive applications, where they help to remove parts, fix small dents and separate or separate the surface from getting married.

Rubber mallet

The most common mallet, its rubber head allows for a smooth stroke. It can be used on sheet metal, wood, and upholstery and is soft enough to force plasterboard to be damaged.


The blacksmith’s hammer is a kind of sledgehammer where the second head is slightly pressed and rounded. It is designed to form red-hot steel.

Brass hammer

The brass hammer has a thin, cylindrical double-head that is used to strike steel without damaging the surrounding surface. It can be found in automotive and carpentry stores.

 Brick hammer

The hammer of a brick doubles as a chisel for nail scoring and the narrow head can split bricks. The hammer is very useful in brick and mortar projects.

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Bushing hammer

This unusual hammer resembles a meat tenderizer with a long metalhead. It is used to add a rough texture to the stone, which can be used for aesthetic purposes or to make the stone walkways a bit less slippery stated by Top machinery manufacturers companies.

Spindle Moulder (Shaper)

This machine is used to shape, size, or mold parts of materials classified for the small scale industry. The spindle moulder has a cast iron base that supports a variable speed point system connected to an electric motor that drives the vertical shaft. The material can be delivered by hand or by revolving cutters through a power feed unit.

Rip Saw

The primary task of the rip saw is to rip timber to a certain size along its length. In addition to:

  • Width cutting – also known as “flat cutting”.
  • Thickness cutting – also known as “deep cutting”.
  • Angle cutting under certain conditions.
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Surface Planner (Buzzer)

The main function of the surface planer is to prepare the face edge in the material. The face has its broad surface, which is long, flat, and airless. The face edge is the compact surface.

Docking or Radial Arm Saw

The primary function of the radial arm is to cut rectangular thick rods to a certain length (cross-cutting). However, the design of the machine also allows for bevel ripping, straight ripping, bevel cutting, trenching, and compound cutting commented by Best Industrial machines exporters.

Thicknesser (Panel Planner)

The primary task of the panel planer is to cut the soft metal material to the required width or thickness parallel to the intended face and edge.

Panel planners can be divided into two main types according to the function:

  • Single Cutter block (the surface plane of the material).
  • Multi-cutter block (multiple surfaces of material planes).
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CNC Router

A numerical computer-controlled small scale machine that is programmed by the operator. The program controls all working scenes of this particular machine. The operator must be able to apply tooling data required to run this machine, develop programs to execute simple and complex tools and operate tools safely. The CNC router is very fast, flexible, and precise. It allows the machine manufacturer to have a range of matching options on a one-piece device.

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CNC Machine Center

This machine is programmed by the operator. The program controls all working scenes of the machine. The trader who can operate this machine must be able to apply the tooling data, prepare simple and complex boring and routing programs, and operate the equipment safely. CNC Machine Center is speedy and versatile and allows the manufacturer to have multiple matching options in one device divulged by Top Industrial machine manufacturers.

NC Beam Saw

Part of woodworking machines programmed by the operator to cut flat panel sheets into component sizes. The program controls all working scenes of the machine. The trader is required to operate such a machine must be able to install the tools, prepare simple and complex cutting programs, and operate the tools safely. These machines are blinding and versatile and allow the manufacturer many cutting options in one piece of tools.







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