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The following myths of men’s hair loss need to be debunked as they have somehow managed to gain credence. All of the myths debunked herein have either been found in online chat rooms, on health blogs and articles, and all have been noted as truth, with various remedies and solutions postulated to defend against them.However, one should be careful not to believe the numerous mistruths about hair loss and balding.

1. No matter how regular, shampooing your hair does not make it fall out

It definitely sounds a bit like an old wives tale, and it isn’t true. As long as you aren’t washing your hair in dirty water and not every hour, then you’re likely to be fine. Over-washing your hair with shampoo will not make it thin and begin to fall out.

2. Hats do not cause balding

Wearing a hat all the time will not make you bald. It is generally accepted that people experiencing hair loss wear hats more often. Yes, in some very severe cases,their hair loss or thinning can be exacerbated if the hatband is too tight for too long and causes uncomfortable friction, pulling on the hair itself, this is called Traction alopecia, and the hat would have had to be very tight on an ongoing basis. But wearing a hat per se, even on a daily basis, will not make you bald.

3. Not all hair loss is permanent

There are various health issues that can cause temporary baldness, such as thyroid or amenia, while a diet low in protein can also cause the hair to thin. Medication for diseases such as cancer or gout can also cause temporary hair loss. This should not be too concerning, and generally, the hair will grow back. Not all baldness is permanent, specially if you treat this early and correctly, using products like Regain, which you can buy online at https://www.numan.com/hair-loss/regaine

There are indeed proven easy ways to improve hair growth, such as taking certified hair growth supplements, as can be found at Chemist Click and through establishing and maintaining a healthy diet.

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4. Only men go bald; hair loss doesn’t affect women

Male pattern baldness is just more common; however, there are instances of female pattern baldness and this thinning of the hair from the top of the scalp. Women are generally more able to grow and cut their hair to suit this thinning, and a longer hairstyle thus makes it less noticeable. Female baldness is less common than male baldness but does happen.

5. Shaving your head will make the hair grow back thicker

Nope, shaving hair only makes it appear to have gotten thicker as the cut tip of the hair follicle feels rougher. No matter how much you shave your hair, it will not grow back thicker or change color or improve its curliness.

There are a great many myths online as to male hair loss and remedies floating around chat rooms that won’t work. The best advice you can get is to be involved with your hair and ensure that you’re doing what you should to keep it healthy. Then to ensure that your advice and information is from reputable sources and professionals. The myths debunked here are simply the tip of the iceberg.

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