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One of the best vacations that you can plan for you and your family is a cycling vacation. That is because it will bring you closer and you will be able to visit places that you wouldn’t normally be able to explore. It is also one of the best ways to explore larger areas of places that you are visiting. 

See What Cape Cod Has to Offer, United States

People just don’t realize that there are so many family-friendly trails that are in Cape Cod. That is because people don’t realise that it stretches from South Dennis all the way to Wellfleet, the Cape Cod Rail Trail is probably one of the first bike trails that were made out of old railroad lines. It is a straight road which is perfect for children. 

This route will take the whole family through to the middle of Cape Cod which is close to the famous ponds of Brewster and Eastham, which is an amazing place for a break and have a dip in the pond. But if you take a detour from the Cape Cod trail you will be able to visit the National Seashore’s Visitors Center in Eastham. There you will be able to enjoy amazing bike trails that make your adrenaline pumping because it has a lot of ups and downs, but not so steep that kids can overcome them.

What makes these trails so perfect is that you and your family will be surrounded by amazing pine forests as well as breathtaking beaches. If these trails are not enough for you and your family, there are many more you can go on such as the Cape Cod Canal Bikeway or the one that will take you from Falmouth to Woods Hole.

Cycle Through the Backstreets of Hanoi, Vietnam

If you want to visit Vietnam but you have kids, the best place you can go to is Hanoi. It is the second-largest city in Vietnam as well as the capital. Even though Vietnam is known for its hectic and pretty unsafe traffic, you might be thinking why is this spot on this list. That is because Hanoi is different. It is the only part that wasn’t affected by the war and it is quiet and charming. The Red River District is the most popular part of the city where you and your family will be able to explore amazing architecture as well as have a nice family lunch. You will also be able to eat their authentic food while being surrounded by amazing and different architecture. It is a perfect place to teach your kids about history while you are on vacation. 

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Go Explore the Oldest Nature Reserve in Royal National Park, Australia

The Royal National Park is one of the most popular cycling trails there is in Australia. That is because it will take you through the oldest nature reserve that Australia has. It is about 70 kilometers and it is home to amazing gum trees. The roads are magical and lined with them and there are so many trails that you can choose from depending on your skill levels. The most popular trail to go on is the Manly Dam Mountain Track which is amazing for kids. It is 10 kilometers and there are a lot of fun ups and downs as well as exhilarating turns that are fun yet manageable for kids. But if you are taking on this adventure, you have to make sure that your children have proper kids bikes so there are no injuries. 

Explore the Magical Montreal, Canada       

Montreal is one of the first cities that had a bike-sharing program and that is why they have some of the best bike trails that are also kid-friendly. Even though you can bike through Montreal and have an amazing time, you can also go to the Lachine Canal. There you will be able to ride along with historic mills that line the waterway. There are also places you can go to eat and it is one of the famous market places. You will be able to treat your kids and refuel by eating amazing cheeses as well as some of the tastiest desserts. It is the best way you can motivate your kids to finish the ride and explore all the amazing monumental places in Montreal. You can also save money by eating at their amazing farmers’ markets because you won’t have to go to restaurants because your kids are hungry. 

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Take on The Gold Coast from End to End, Australia

If you are a real adventurous family, one of the best trios that you can take is to explore the whole Gold Coast. It is such a beautiful thing to do if you have kids who are able to drive a bike on their own completely. There are so many trails that you can go on and almost all of them are kid-friendly. The most famous route is the Memorial Route and it is 48 kilometers and it stretches all the way from the Captain Cook Memorial all the way up north to Paradise Point. The reason why it is so famous is that you will be cycling along with breathtaking views of the coastlines and always be able to stop and have a quick dip in the water. There are also a lot of playgrounds and parks that you will pass where you can have lunch and catch your breath. 

Cycle Through Yangshou’s Stunning Scenery, China

For those who have younger kids, but still want to go on a cycling adventure, there is no place better than China. That is because it has to offer magical scenery that you just can’t see anywhere else in the whole world. It is also a place you should visit because your kids will be able to breathe in the freshest mountain air as well as experience a different culture. The most famous cycling route is only three houses long and there you will be able to see very interesting villages, scenic outings as well as green paddy fields that will take your breath away. 

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Explore The Nature in the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, Asia

One of the most famous activities in Singapore, even for natives, is cycling through the amazing Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. This amazing place is filled with luscious green plants and it is the largest public park in Singapore. As it is a place where a lot of local families spend their free time, all trails are kid-friendly and perfect for a family who likes to cycle. There are also places you can stop to rest, drink coffee while your kids are playing, or have a simple picnic. It is an amazing, chill place where you can take your family for a nice vacation. If you want to take it up a notch you can take a break for cycling and going on a Night Safari Tour and have some fun.

As you can tell, there are so many different locations around the world where you will be able to bond and relax with your family. There is nothing that will make your family have a closer bond than going on a cycling vacation. It is also one of the best ways to make things more interesting for kids as they are not having to walk around and just look at things. 

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