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Education has evolved a lot in the 21st century. The days are over when the meaning of education was teaching the students through the traditional textbook method. Nowadays, schools are offering play-way methods where students learn at their own pace. Montessori school is a by-product of this philosophy.

For many years now, we have seen a rapid increase in the volume of admissions to world-class Montessori school education, and research validates the effectiveness of this method. They introduced several key concepts through this method which helps children to evolve as a learner.

The article will focus on what are the benefits of enrolling your child in an International Montessori School.

1.  The Montessori school makes the child independent.

A Montessori classroom offers children ample opportunities that help them to develop their mental and cognitive skills. They learn to do various tasks independently. They designed specifically every classroom with age-appropriate tools that encourage children to learn the concepts practically. The students are free to select the activities that pique their interests. As younger students, they will be allowed to perform solo activities, and when they mature, they need to do collaborative activities. It introduces the concept of teamwork among the children and develops interpersonal dynamics. Allowing the children to make their own choices creates a strong foundation and helps them make independent decisions.

2.  Montessori International schools in Abu Dhabi help the children to progress at their own pace.

We all know every child progresses at their pace. If we gave them opportunities of their interest, their capabilities will surely develop. They take charge of the activity and become accountable for it.  In the Montessori classroom, the teacher evaluates the progress level of the students by observing and interacting with them.

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They use this knowledge to develop their academic skills and stimulate them emotionally and intellectually. In this way, they created a customized study plan for each child that meets his interests and capabilities. The teachers provide a growth environment where students have the freedom to seek knowledge for themselves. Self-correction and assessment are important parts of the curriculum. As they mature, they learn critical concepts by recognizing and understanding them and not by rehearsing.

3.  They understand the concept of ‘why’

There are many technical subjects where the students lose their interest because of a technical conundrum or no logical explanation. In an international school in Abu Dhabi that follows the Montessori curriculum, they explained to the students the concept of why, which helps them understand the concept deeply without losing interest in the subject. They can easily grasp and practice what makes sense to them.

4.  They will never get bored

One of the main reasons for enrolling the child in such a curriculum is that they will never get bored or frustrated because they will learn according to their own pace and interest. Their mentor molds and guides the subject lessons according to the child’s potential. As a parent, you will feel happy for your kid.

5.  It nurtures concentration among the kids

Coordination and Concentration are two pillars where every child can lean on to get success. International school in Abu Dhabi with a Montessori curriculum offers the same. The classroom lessons and materials align with the needs of toddlers and adolescents. We introduced them to the deep concepts with logical explanations, which further help to explore the concepts. It improves the child’s concentration and helps them experience the world around them with a different vision.

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6.  Montessori school inculcates self-discipline

An international school in Abu Dhabi that follows the Montessori method lets the children do the activities of their interest each day. However, there are specific ground rules enforced by the teacher or authorities to complete the task. They encouraged the students to do the task as per the rules. It induces self-independence among them, and they learn the value of self-control.

7.  It induces creativity within them.

As the children are allowed to select their tasks and activities, they perched their creativity level up. The children work at the tasks with happiness rather than focusing on the result. It ends up making them happy and they hone their creativity naturally. Exposure to diverse cultures further broadens their thinking, and they can learn the concepts in several ways.

8.  Hands-on learning

The Montessori school method focuses on developing hands-on learning among the kids. The importance is laid on practical learning rather than abstract concepts. The students do practical activities which help them to learn complex lessons easily. In this way, they can easily master the lessons.

To sum it up

Selecting the right school for your child is one of the important tasks of a parent. Montessori-based international schools prepare the child for life and help them to become a global citizen.  These points will help you to understand why a Montessori school works for every child.