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Growing tired of your bedroom is completely normal after a while, especially after the year and a half we all had. If you miss staying in luxurious hotel rooms and enjoying all the amenities they come with, it might be time to start transforming your bedroom into a space that will make you feel like you are in a fancy hotel. No matter the budget at your disposal, there are always things that you can do to revamp your sleeping space. Keep on reading for some inspiration.

Give the walls a new coat of paint

The easiest way to transform any space, as you probably know by now, is simply giving the walls a new coat of paint. That way, not only can you change the whole vibe of the room but you can also make it appear much cleaner and tidier. When it comes to choosing the color, it’s best to stick to a neutral color palette as you want to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Pale blues, creamy whites, beiges, and grays always work in bedrooms.

Refresh the bed linens

You can never feel like you’re in a fancy boutique hotel if your bed linens are subpar. While there is no need to break the bank just to get some sheet with an insane thread count, you can still look for a few new sets that will make going to bed comfortable and serene. Crisp cotton sheets that feel soft to the touch should do the trick. Before you put them on your bed, you can spray them with rose or lavender essential oils for an extra touch of luxury.

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Learn the hotel way of making a bed

Besides new bedding, you can also learn how to make your bed like a 5-star hotel. In most hotels, you’ll notice that they don’t use fitted sheets. Instead, you want two flat sheets. The bottom one is neatly tucked in using hospital corners while the top flat sheet is tucked in at the foot and sides of the bed and the top is folded over. Moreover, use an extra fluffy down comforter and a cotton duvet cover. What makes a great staycation? You will probably learn about it from Porch.com

Add more pillows

What else do beds in fancy hotel rooms have? Plenty of pillows, of course. With that in mind, in addition to the pillow you plan on sleeping on, you should look for some extra cozy pillows that you can stack up against the headboard. Start by adding large, square pillows. These will allow you to sit up in bed and read a book or watch a TV show. Then, a few smaller ones leaning against those will give a bit of grandiosity to your bed.

Replace your light fixtures

The lighting also plays a big role when trying to create a hotel-like ambiance. Therefore, think about swapping out the current fixtures in your bedroom. If you’re working with a smaller budget, you can look through vintage shops and garage sales to see if there is a nice chandelier or a pair of sconces for each side of the bed. You can also opt for table lamps with soft fabric shades for the nightstands if you prefer them to sconces. Get LED bulbs that have a soft glow and install dimmer switches so that you can adjust the lights to the mood. Furthermore, blackout curtains are a great addition if you want to sleep in on the weekends.

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Cozy up the space

In addition to soft lights, you can further cozy up the room by getting luxurious drapes that will perfectly fit your window. Then, think about layering rugs. You can add a larger one to the center of the room or under the bed and put some smaller area rugs on top of it. Moreover, chunky, knitted blankets can be put at the foot of the bed. Not only will they make the room look more inviting but they will actually keep you warm during chilly nights.

Display unique art pieces

To give your bedroom more personality and have it resemble a boutique hotel room, you should look for some interesting art pieces. Fortunately, the choices when it comes to art abound. If you prefer the modern approach, look for a large abstract piece that you can either hang or lean against an empty wall. On the other hand, if you prefer traditional art, landscapes are always a great option. Black and white photography also works well, especially if used symmetrically.

Don’t forget about greenery

Greenery is another aspect that you have to consider bringing in. Most hotels make an effort of welcoming you with some fresh flowers, so consider ordering a bouquet at least once or twice a month so that your bedroom is always looking lively. Moreover, you can also take it up a notch and find some houseplants that are perfect for the bedroom. For example, various species of dracaena, the snake plant, Chinese evergreen, dieffenbachia, and even lavender can all find a spot in a corner of the room or on a shelf.

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Treat yourself to small luxuries

While you should streamline accessories and keep them to a minimum, there are some accents that you can introduce. For example, an elegant clock is always a useful addition. Then, a mirror with a gorgeous, ornate frame can bring some luxury to the space. Lastly, you can also splurge on a few quality candles that will help you relax. For spring, you can consider scents like citrus and fig while firewood and sandalwood are perfect for winter.

Consider investing in an en-suite bathroom

Finally, with a bigger budget, you can also invest in your en-suite. All luxury hotels have a bathroom that is adjacent to the bedroom, so think about adding one. If you already have one, make sure you spruce it up as well. Items like thick towels, soft bathmats, and bath caddies are all a must for a relaxing experience. While high-end toiletries are not essential, you can look into mason jars and woven baskets as a way of displaying your products.

If you miss traveling and can’t wait to find yourself in one of those gorgeous, luxurious, and tranquil hotel rooms, it’s time to bring that feeling into your own home. Follow these tips for great results.

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