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Are you trying to make a sale through FSBO? FSBO is a popular term that is an abbreviation of For Sale By Owner properties. The term usually excites both buyers and sellers initially as it saves money to be paid to an estate agent involved in making the deal happen.

The DIY approach can be quite challenging both physically and mentally because of the long list of formalities that need to be taken care of while making a sale. One of the impacts of avoiding an estate agent is the prolonged waiting period to find the perfect home and the perfect buyer.

In general, it is always advised that both homeowners and buyers seek help from local estate agents to make the process easier. Look for local estate agents; if you are looking to buy a property in Buckingham, then Estate agents in Buckingham can guide you the best in buying and selling a property. Here we have listed the significant disadvantages of trying to sell property on your own

Lack of pricing strategy

The prime challenge for FSBO is the pricing of the property. The pricing is not an easy thing to do, and without an estate, it becomes tough to quote a right price. Since closing prices need not be publicly disclosed, homeowners will have a tough time pricing their property due to the lack of access to market data.

There are online valuation and Automatic valuation Model that will provide you with an estimate based on various criteria. Unfortunately, various Automatic Valuation Models provide different prices according to their own unique criteria, which leads to confusion.

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On the other hand, a local estate agent can strategically price your property based on several real-time market data. The right pricing of property can give you an edge over other property listings and can help seal the deal sooner.

Difficulty in marketing the property

As a homeowner, your opinion on the amenities in the house and its interior will be quite satisfactory in your perspective. However, this may not be the case of the potential buyers who visit your home.

Having an agent who is a third-party and well experienced in-home selling can give you suggestions and alterations that you can make to give a better impression amongst buyers.

Something as simple as decor could impact the impression about the property amongst buyers. Hence seeking professional help will be to your advantage in several aspects.

Lack of understanding of potential buyers

 As opposed to the homeowners who trust a local estate agent to sell their property, you may have a very minimal database and inputs about your potential buyers. As a result, it will become difficult to advertise your property on the right channels through the right means to reach your potential buyers.

This can lead to a delay in the selling, causing stress, and you might end up making hasty decisions that may not be beneficial for you in the longer run.

Lack of knowledge about real estate

The legalities that are involved in selling your home can be overwhelming. It could take days to get them straight and understand what needs to be done to fulfil them all. You can be assured that every licence and papers you need are duly completed when you seek help from a real estate agent.

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The agent will also help you in so many ways, including setting the right price for the property, using market data to find the right buyers, and can effectively negotiate with buyers and inspectors, appraisers, and lenders. You will have access to a large number of resources, and you can be stress-free about the property selling.


Apart from the studies that show FSOB properties attract lower prices than those dealt by agents, the selling of your property can become overwhelming. Selling property is not your day job. The time and effort you need to invest in selling apart from your regular commitments can make it very taxing for you.

It takes time to market the property, follow up on interested buyers, fulfil legal attachments and more. Spending on advertising, in the long run, might even exceed costs of an estate agent. When the buyers know that you are privately selling the property, they will negotiate harder to pull down the prices. But with an estate agent present, negotiations will be fair.

For all the above reasons, opting for selling your property on your own can end up being a wrong decision. Entrusting an estate agent to help sell your property means you have a huge team at your service, including the photographers, cleaners, builders for improvements and so on, to make the property sell quickly at a fair selling price.

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