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You are headed for an exhaustive list of places belonging to diverse categories ranging from beaches, waterparks, wildlife sites, shopping hubs to Desert Safari and modern architecture. Abu Dhabi will enervate you when it comes to providing options regarding the best things to do in Abu Dhabi. You may hire a yacht from yacht rental Abu Dhabi to slowly cruise on the serene waves of water while treating your eyes to the beauty of a modern city by all definitions of being modern. Abu Dhabi was first inhabited by the Bani Yas tribe in the 18th century as a fishing and trading center but the discovery of oil turned it into a sparkling capital of an oil-rich country. The answer to the question that what are the best things to do in Abu Dhabi is not an easy one due to the immense multiplicity of destinations that are awaiting you in Abu Dhabi. It is convenient to categorize the places according to their nature of facilities and experiences. Following are some of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi.

Enjoying at Beaches and Parks

The United Arab Emirates(UAE) has a substantial length of coastline which presents the country with an opportunity to develop some of the most beautiful beaches that you may come across. Yas Island, being the world’s second-largest man-made island in the world, hosts a variety of tourist attractions including Yas Beach. Get plenty of open space with crystal clear water, sunshine and the vicinity of mangroves to forget the noise and skyline hindering buildings of the city. Another option is Saadiyat Beach with sparkling white sand and a breathtaking location. Furthermore, the Corniche Beach, with a view of the skyscrapers at one side and immensity of the sea at the other, provides you the ideal spot to enjoy with your family and friends with all the desirable facilities like hired coast guards, shades and luxurious services like swimming pools. Abu Dhabi also has an iconic water park in the form of Yas Waterworld at Yas Island. You are headed for adventure and thrill here. Hardly another place will be so suitable for kids and adults alike. There is hardly a dearth of theme parks in Abu Dhabi. Another one is Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, another theme park by the Ferrari brand, which will keep you and your children engaged for the whole day with its adventurous rides and refreshment options. Likewise, the two most prominent destinations are Jubel Mangrove Park and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. Where the former offers you a more organic and natural experience where you will be walking through a marine habitat, the latter is a theme park and an ultimate go-to place for children. Your kids would be extremely happy to see their favorite movie characters and superheroes. Another one is Umm Al Emarat Park, formerly known as Mushrif Park, hosting a zoo, animal barn, botanical garden, amphitheater, and much more. Not to miss is the Yas Marina Circuit which hosts Formula One Grand Prix annually in November. If you are not a fan of racing, you may just visit or go cycling or running on Tuesdays and Saturdays as entry is free on these days.

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Shop and Enjoy Delicious Cuisines

Abu Dhabi offers you an elite experience when it comes to shopping and dining. There is a wide gamut of malls which have everything you are looking for. The Galleria on Al Mariyan Island is one such place with several luxury hotels and over 50 globally esteemed brands. How can you miss Yas Mall of Abu Dhabi at Yas Island which provides you air-conditioned surroundings with a huge parking area for 10,000 vehicles in the scorching heat of the gulf state.

The Corniche is another preferred 8km long strip hosting elegant restaurants and cafes. Similarly, Abu Dhabi Mall is an iconic commercial center hosting more than 200 stores and entertaining over 40,000 visitors every day. Marina Mall, consisting of 5 floors, provides you with an elite shopping experience. The name of Al Wahda Mall, the biggest mall of Abu Dhabi, can hardly skip this list which holds 350 brand outlets and witnesses over 30 million visitors annually.

Modern Architecture will Invoke Awe

UAE is defined by its skyscrapers and magnificent buildings which hold the testimony for huge doling out of the capital into construction projects. Most prominent among them in Abu Dhabi is the Aldar Headquarters which is a marvel of modern-day engineering. It is a circular building hosting corporate offices and appears like a huge disc. Your other destination is Etihad Towers which is a collection of 5 towers. The second tower has the famous Observation Deck at 300 which is a miss-at-your-own-peril spot for anyone wishing to look at the entire city from an altitude of 300 meters. Enjoy your after-high tea here while feeling on top of the world. Another place to visit is Qasr Al Watan, a palace,  which immediately makes you fall in love with it with its royal outlook and regal spirit. Never was a structure so beautiful with a blend of just two colors, golden and white. Emirates Palace is another five-star hotel with a beautiful building and a state-of-the-art image gallery. The Founder’s Memorial is another establishment that offers the tourists insight into the culture and history of the UAE.

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Desert Safari and Heritage Sites

The UAE is defined by its deserts. Deserts like Liwas Oasis and Al Khatim Desert are extremely popular tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi. They offer you both day and night time experiences. Al Khatim Desert has the largest sand dunes that one might see. Hence, there are opportunities for camel riding, sandboarding or just sitting and lying under the open sky at night. Arabian music along with belly dancers adds so much glamour to the desert experience. Moving on to the heritage sites, the iconic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the prime cultural attraction open to all tourists irrespective of their religion. The mosque made up of marble is a marvelous display of a hybrid mix of Mamlook and Fatimid architecture and Arabian culture. It has the capacity to host 40,000 people for prayers. Another place which you would like to visit is the Louvre Abu Dhabi which is a museum of international standing. Its sparkling silver dome has a diverse range of ancient artifacts and remnants of Egyptian civilization under it. You may be captivated while looking at the works of Picasso, the maestro. At last, but not least, we have Qasr al Hosn which has the title of being the oldest stone building of Abu Dhabi and represents the cultural history of the capital city as the Qasr was originally constructed to be used as a watchtower against an attack from enemies. Qasr Al Hosn annual festival is a popular tourist attraction.

Abu Dhabi is Waiting for You

By now one can safely assume that there is hardly any insufficiency of tourist attractions in the capital of UAE. You can go to places which will give you what you want, whether it be a cultural exposure or a modern experience. Don’t miss Abu Dhabi on your travel list.