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The process of adapting a video game developed for one region for sale or distribution in another is defined as ‘Video Game Localization’ Localization is key to releasing games in other states and achieving global success for video game publishers. Publishers need to plan accordingly because video game translation encompasses so much more than just language translation. Global pricing optimization, infrastructure updates, and cultural references are some of the many elements that comprise the localization process. 

You can increase your number of players and revenue by successfully localizing your video game. However, certain tips and tricks can help you translate your video game efficiently and effectively. 

Understanding the Language of Target Audience

Make sure to evaluate the details of your target language, before going ahead with your video game localization solutions. For instance, the English language requires fewer words, hence is very compact.  On the contrary, there will be longer words if you translate them into Arabic or Spanish. Consequently, the existing user interface of the game can be affected, when the final translated result is longer or shorter than the source text. More white space is required by extra and longer words. Hence, it can ultimately cost more if it needs adjusting and affecting your game’s graphic aspect. 

Specialized Translators

In the gaming world, niche terms are expected by the gamers. The everyday conversations from movies, books, or web content are the antithesis to the characters and terminologies of video games.  Gamers will know if your translators are not familiar with the video game industry. 

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A lot of time is spent researching a video game before translating by specialized translators. In this industry, continuity is crucial and researchers understand this. Hence, a lot of time is dedicated to familiarize themselves with the world of gaming.  To enrich the video game and turn it into a better experience for the gamers, Specialized translators know how to use transcreation techniques.

Building a Localization Strategy

It’s imperative that you have a well-planned strategy in hand if you want to take your business to new levels. Entering a foreign market can be risky. Hence, make sure it’s the right one for your game by conducting in-depth research. 

This research will probably include understanding the specialties of your target market such as gaming habits, content restrictions, and regulations. With different cultures, video game features change too. Some imagery or iconography may be sensitive to the local culture of the people. For instance, games like online poker can never successfully blend in with a Muslim-dominated society.  

Flexible Designs

When you translate a game into some other language, you change some important parts of the original version. The entire interface gets changed and not just the story line. 

You may need to allow more space for dialogues, depending on the language you translate. This may include adding special symbols and characters or introducing different units of measure.

To make a video game localization cost-effective and easy, avoid hard-code and opt for a flexible design. Ensure that your developers implement a friendly architecture in which all elements have well-defined places when you encode your game.  

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Monetization Strategy

You would probably have to cough up some cash if you want to expand your game globally. Hence, reviewing costs and monetization becomes a priority. Depending on the language in question and the number of words, translation is charged accordingly. Before any haste decisions, ensure to determine the precise countries you’ll be marketing to. 

Depending upon the complexity of the language such as Scandinavian or Chinese, some translation agencies will charge more. Moreover, when it comes to costs, the subject matter also plays a role. The topic of the translation may also lead to agencies asking for more money if the number of gaming translations is scarce.


‘Rewarding’, is the best word that can be used to describe Video game translation. In order to form an effective global expansion and unlock new revenue streams, understanding the process from top to bottom will help you along the way. The right localization solutions can help with almost any aspect of video game localization, so remember, you don’t have to do it alone. Be smart, and avail the services of leading video game translation services

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