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Electricity is one of the major utilities of your home. It is an extremely essential part of our life and daily chores. We need electricity to light up our homes, keep them well-ventilated and use basic electrical appliances like a toaster, blender, and microwave. However, electricity can be extremely expensive and that is reflected in the electricity bills that we receive by the end of every month. With simple steps to use electricity wisely, we can ensure that the electricity bill is not too heavy on our pockets. Here are a few tips to reduce our electricity bills.

Turn Off the Lights that Are Not in Use

This is the most sought advice to reduce electricity consumption in your home. If you have 100watt traditional bulbs in your home, turning them off for extra hours can reduce your electricity bill and save you around $15. You can also consider switching to LED bulbs instead of using traditional ones to save even more on the cost.

Natural Light is the Best

If you are considering making a new home or considering home maintenance, then you can consider having more and larger windows around the house for proper illumination rather than going for artificial lighting. If you make a conscious effort to keep your 60-watt smart bulbs turned off during the day, then you may save up to $9 every year.

Task Lighting Instead Of Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights consume a lot of energy and so they play a huge part in increasing our electricity bills. However, they can be easily replaced with better options. You can try placing table lamps, track lights, and under-counter lights in different areas of your home. Plus, instead of illuminating the entire room with ceiling lights, you can only light up a specific place for your tasks.

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Use Water Wisely

Water is a valuable resource. It is generally a good habit to turn off your faucets when shaving or brushing your teeth. Not only will this have a positive impact on water conservation but also reduce your water, sewer, and electricity bills by cutting down costs approximately to $19.

Turn Off the Appliances that Are Not in Use

Electricity usage also depends on standby power. This power usually has a 10% share in your electricity bill, which is a major chunk of your cost. It is essential to realize which appliances in your home are not being used while still plugged into the sockets. Make a conscious effort to unplug these devices. It may take a while to develop this habit but it can save you around $50 every year.

Replace the Desktop Computer with a Laptop

While most of us have switched to laptop computers, some of us still use desktop computers till today. It is better to switch to a laptop as a desktop computer may consume more energy. This simple change may result in saving up to $4 on your electricity bill every year. Laptops will not only save electricity but can also be more convenient and are portable to carry around.

Turn Off the Air Conditioner Before Heading Out

An air conditioner is one of the home appliances that take up a lot of power and can result in a higher electricity bill. It is not a wise idea to keep your air conditioner turned on while you are not at home. It is good to come back to a cool room after work on a hot summer evening but it may cost you a lot. This tip has been shown to save $16 in a year.

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Give Away the Old TV

Old televisions required a lot of electricity as compared to a modern LCD. If you do not watch a lot of television, an old television may cost you more on the monthly bill than a modern LCD. So, it is better that you switch to one. The initial cost of an LCD may be higher than an old one but it is cost-effective in the long run.

Managing the Thermostat

If you know how to manage your thermostat to save energy, you may see a huge impact on your electricity bills. Set your thermostat to two-degree lesser to reduce approximately 5% on your electric heating bill. Lowering it by an additional 3 degrees could have an even better impact and can reduce your bill to around $90 in a year.

Place Your Windows Strategically

Having windows in strategic locations in your home can reduce your electricity consumption. Windows will allow your home to be well ventilated without consuming electricity as you may not need an air conditioner on a pleasant day. Similarly, utilizing daylight instead of artificial lights during the day can have a major positive impact on your electricity bills.

Be Wise with Laundry

Laundry is a major chore for any home. You can reduce your laundry to having one load of clothes every week. Another valuable piece of advice while doing laundry is to switch from using hot water to cold one. These simple changes to your laundry routine can reduce your electricity consumption and save around $22 on your yearly bills.

Final Thoughts

Electricity bills are a huge part of our budget. It is essential that we spend electricity wisely. It is ideal to also understand which appliances in our home consume the most energy. This way we can also minimize their use. Electricity appliances constitute a major chunk of our homes and so it is also essential to protect them from damage under circumstances like a power surge. Home Electrical Repair plans are an ideal solution to keep your appliances safe from power surges.