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When it comes to modesty, elegance, and reasonable pricing in a single package. It’s hard to ignore the presence of Libas e Jamila in UK.  This brand is offering plenty of traditional clothing for women and kids at reasonable prices. Traditional wear in UK is a blessing in disguise for Indians and Pakistanis. You can have an extensive range of gorgeous shalwar kameez with multiple variations. If you are limited on funds, a visit to this store won’t disappoint you.


Looking your absolute best is not a luxury, it’s a necessity as long as you are following smart styling tips. Fashion trends are evolving at the speed of light and sometimes it gets challenging to keep yourself up-to-date. When the seasons or trends inspire you to refresh your closet, it’s good to keep your budget in mind. You can’t satisfy your fashion lust by breaking the bank just to follow the trends. Spending a lot of money to buy more and more clothes won’t make you happy and stylish. The key is to find the balance between old and new.  Make some smart choices to complete your fashion statement and to look expensive on a budget.

Smart styling Tips when you are Limited on Funds

There is no need to spend a huge budget to become stylish. Because you don’t need a lot to look good. Making good sensible choices and buying items that can make you feel great is enough to jazz up your looks.

Shop Timeless Solids

Black is one of those solid colors that are always in style. An outfit can make you look stylish if it’s black. It’s super easy to mix and match black with different colors and patterns. Your blacktop can go with all your jeans and the black jackets can go with almost every outfit. When it comes to shalwar kameez women, your black jeans with printed kameez can make you look trendy. Since it’s neutral and can go with everything, adding black to your closet would be the smart styling move.

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Shop the Basics

Your wardrobe basic depends on your taste, preferences, and fashion sense. Investing in wardrobe fundamentals will save your time, resources and ultimately it would make life easier than ever before. Timeless classics like the trench coat, blazer, white t-shirt, and perfectly fitted pair of jeans can be a year-round wardrobe essential. In addition to this, a minimal jewellery collection and a makeup kit can save you from hassles while getting ready. Once you have these items, you can play around with them to create your fashion statement as unique as possible. Besides basics, it is important to be mindful of quality because a one-time investment is going to last long.

Coordinate Your Bag and Shoes

Once you nailed the basics, it’s time to make your outfit more stunning by coordinating bags and shoes. There is no hard and fast rule to match your bag with shoes, but coordination between the two can make wonders. Handbags and shoes are immensely important accessories. They complete your styling statement and your outfit. Matching one or two pairs of shoes with your bag can go with several dresses. That’s why Fashionistas put a lot of effort into a matching bag with sandals. And this fashion strategy will also make you look gorgeous.

Don’t Overpay

Since you are one of those following smart tips and trends to look expensive on a budget, you must have a limited amount of money. There is a lot of chatter about new collections in every season and brands competing on prices to make profits. If you are one of those finding it hard to spend your hard-earned cash, then wait a bit and buy in sales seasons. Clearance sales and out-of-season can make you save a lot of money and yet look stunning. Final clearance means buying when it’s 70% off. Like everything going online, in the case of online shopping search for discount codes.

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Buy Quality Item Once at a Time

Don’t get overwhelmed with your choices because there is a lot in fashion. Buying one item at a time will help you to make most of your money. Whether it is clothing, jewellery, or accessories you need to make choices meticulously. It’s recommended to follow smart styling trends when you are limited on funds, but it’s even more important to have a quality check before making a purchase.  Buying an item on sale won’t last long, as compared to buying a quality item from a high-end store.

Bottom Line

We all want to have a completely new look with changing seasons. It requires a lot of money to complete your fashion statement with changing trends and to look more stylish. The above-mentioned smart styling tips can help you to buy less, shop better, and ace the styling game.


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