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About Chartlogic EMR

If you are currently looking into the world of EHRs you have probably come across the name Chartlogic simply because of how popular this particular EHR is. However, if you are still new to this realm and not even entirely sure what an EHR is then we want to tell you more about them. EHR stands for electronic health record which is basically a way for you to be able to not only maintain patient health records as the name suggests but also do a myriad of other tasks related to your medical practice. From practice management to revenue cycle management; EHRs these days do it all and Chartlogic EMR is no exception to this rule. Chartlogic EHR has a lot of great features like ePrescription features, a patient portal where patients can login and communicate with the doctor as well as schedule their own appointments among other things. However, there are a lot of alternatives to this software that you should also check out to ensure that you have made an informed purchase and gotten a software which will serve to be the best decision for your practice. 

Top Alternatives to Chartlogic


Like Chartlogic EHR, this is another EHR which was specifically designed to make things easier for medical practices. The software makes the administration portion of having a medical practice much easier than it was before. From features like e-prescription that lets physicians make prescriptions virtually which patients can pick up from a pharmacy most convenient to them to having billing related features that make everything so much simpler and are a massive help when it comes to claim scrubbing. In terms of cost, most EHR software are about the same as Chartlogic pricing

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Amazing Charts

This is another great software in the league of the best when it comes to reviews especially. In fact, even Chartlogic reviews aren’t as glowing as reviews for this software seem to be on certain websites. So what are some features which make Amazing Charts so desirable? As the name suggests the software has great charting features which make it very easy and accessible for doctors to use and helps make patient interactions even better for them. They also have great templates which can be customized to your preferences. Overall, if you pick this software you are bound to be satisfied by it and feel like you have made a wise choice for your medical practice. 

Optimus EHR

This EHR system is not as popular as the other names in this list might be but it holds its own even among the biggest names. In terms of pricing, again most software in this list are similar to Chartlogic pricing. However, this software will perhaps make up for its cost in no time at all with the amount of time and effort it will save you when doing administrative tasks. From having a great claims management feature which keeps you on top of everything related to claims at your practice to having a staff scheduling feature which keeps you free of the hassle of making sure everyone knows their schedule and when to come in. A lot of Chartlogic reviews talk about how that software does not do much for certain administrative tasks but Optimus EHR has a lot of features which you will appreciate. 

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If you have even googled EHRs once, there is a huge chance that you have already come across the name Epic EHR. This is because it is such a popular name in the EHR world and for good reason; it is a great software. The software has great features which you will adore since they make managing your practice a piece of cake. The appointment management feature of this EHR is great since it will help make managing your appointments and reducing no-shows significantly. The software also has lab integration features which work great. This feature lets lab results for tests you have asked your patients to get come to you immediately as soon as they are available and thus reduce the time between diagnosing your patient as well! 


Another big name in the industry is Cerner which is possibly in every list for top medical EHRs and for good reason; the software is amazing. The software has an amazing patient portal which allows for patients to be able to schedule and manage their own appointments so that things can be simpler for both of you. Another great thing this software has which others rarely do is patient education resources which help patients be able to access information and feel like they are actively taking a hand in their health and be able to educate themselves properly without reaching illogical conclusions. Overall, this is a great software and you will enjoy using it quite a lot because of the ease it brings. Even if you think compared to Chartlogic pricing this is higher, it might be worth it. 

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So Which EHR Should you Invest in?

We cannot tell you out of these which one is the best since the answer might vary for everyone. We can however say that you should opt for a demo for the software. Even if it is a Chartlogic demo we advise you go for it before committing to a software fully. Then we also advise that you make a list of features you would want to get for your practice and then compare them to the list of features that are in the software you are looking at. Whichever serves to be the best match, consider that option seriously. Even if that is ChartLogic or a software not even listed here. 

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