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We’re all aware that hair colour products have harmful chemicals. Ammonia, PPD, and Hydrogen Peroxide are just a few of the compounds found in synthetic hair dyes. They’ve been linked to hair problems, skin allergies, asthma, and cancer.

But, people with sensitive skin are strongly advised to color their hair with only nature-based dyes or colours. PPD, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide (bleach) are the most frequently used chemicals used in chemical hair colours, particularly used for imparting long-lasting tints. The chemicals penetrate deep into the roots and provide your hair with the colors you want.

However, these chemicals, together, often degrade the natural hair quality and sluggishly evaporate the scalp’s nourishment, smoothness and moisture. As a result, a majority of people experience premature greying of hair and dryness in the scalp. That’s why you must always go for chemical-free hair colour and avoid such hair damages.

Numerous hair colour products in the market claim to be free of chemicals, but what’s their real story? Do take a minute to consider the magnitude of the dangers involved in using these ingredients. And that’s why dermatologists and health experts recommend chemical-free hair colors for everyone.

Thankfully, Mother Nature has provided us with enough miraculous components to achieve our hair colouring goals without resorting to chemical treatments.

Finding a hair color brand that offers naturally integrated, allergy-free shades is not a cumbersome process anymore. You can get magnificent and brilliant salon-style shades without any negative side effects. Nature based dyes and colours are completely safe and pure, healthy for your hair and skin.

They provide better, semi-permanent shades that last for almost a month and a half, while also preserving the natural beauty, volume and shine of your hair. Such organic products are designed specifically for health-conscious people who do not want to jeopardize their health by opting for glitzy and fashionable hair colours made up of chemicals.

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The certified organic extracts and herbal abstractions in chemical-free hair coloring products provide deep nourishment and protection to the scalp. They lengthen and strengthen hair too. And because the diverse hues are achieved with natural tints, floral extracts, and other organic blends, these products are also ideal for those tinting their hair for the first time.

For those who always wanted to have brown hair color or those who want to enhance their hair shade with luster blonde hair, you can go for the following natural remedies that are simple hacks to give you the out-of-the-ordinary appearance you crave for.

Lemon Juice: Ingredients like lemon juice work along with the sun rays to give you brighter and lighter hair colour. If you have black or dark brown hair color, you can choose to use lemon juice mixed with some carrier oil (coconut, olive, or almond or any other oil of your choice), pour the mix into a spray bottle and apply evenly and equally on your hair. Thereafter, you can go out in the sun.

With frequent and sustained application for 2-3 weeks, you will start noticing lighter hair shades.

Chamomile Tea: Chamomile tea is commonly used to give an overall blonde tint to your hair, but research says that it also works for those with dark hair color as it enhances the hair quality to make it shinier and adds a trace of golden hue. Make a cup of chamomile tea and apply it evenly on your hair strands evenly and thoroughly. Allow it to remain for 30 minutes prior to washing it off..

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But what if someone doesn’t wish to color their hair entirely and wants to only highlight certain sections of their hair only?

How to choose the best-fit highlight hair color in such cases?

By considering your skin tone while choosing a colour, whether it is to color them entirely or highlight a certain section. it becomes much easier to decide which one to go to. Apart from your skin tone remember that:

  • You choose a hue that is one or two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair colour
  • Your skin is cool toned if your skin it has pinkish undertones, and cool colours like ash blonde will look excellent on you
  • Blonde hair colours complement light skin tones and gives the hair more depth and character
  • To achieve the blonde color effect, Indian women often use walnut brown or burgundy lowlights on dark hair.

Let us now understand how to make that perfect choice of highlights hair color to stay trendy.

Dirt, pollution, and hazardous chemicals always impact the hair and scalp. Indus Valley’s family of hair colours offers stunning and long-lasting shades with its six gel colours, four botanical aqua colours and four 100% organic hair colours.

Being one-of-their-kind, ground-breaking solutions that not only nourish, but also colour and condition hair organically, none of them have any parabens, resorcinol’s or any other harmful artificial additives. The following highlights hair colour suits every hair and skin type:

Dark brown hair—light brown highlights: Brown hair is the most adaptable hair colour. This pairing is like the one built in paradise. Adding lowlights and highlights to your hair gives complexity and dimension with a better personified appearance.

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Black hair—red/copper highlights: It’s an amazing technique to make a fiery image with minimal effort. The combo of red and black is usually a heart & mind winner. It contrasts beautifully with your black colour hair.

Deep black/brown hair—burgundy highlights: If you want to be the centre of attention, this is the hair look appearance you should opt for. It enhances your hair texture and is known to completely conceal the greys, giving you a naturally stunning appearance.

Blonde hair—medium brown highlights: Blonde hair is the nicest and most admired highlighted hair color. This colour looks great on women who have a fair or cool complexion. The colour gives you a refreshed and unique feel.


Organic colours are the safest and best for hair, allowing it to retain its natural character. You can use any natural hair dye or colour that does not contain chemical compounds to achieve good looks with optimum hair health.

Feel free to communicate with our beauty experts by leaving your comments below. Till then!

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