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Selling a home is not an easy task, you have to put it on the market, choose a price to compete with nearby homes, choose a trusted realtor or agent, and finally, make the home attractive in the eyes of buyers.

And it is of little use that we have a well-adjusted price if later we fail in the essential thing that is not to make it attractive. Think that a sale of this caliber is only made, in many cases, once in a lifetime and it is that the first image is what counts. Therefore, it is essential to make the house more attractive to buyers and thus get suitable offers that would be impossible if we did not improve the image of our home.

How To Make The House More Attractive To Buyers?

The easiest and simplest thing we can do to give a good image of a home is to improve the interior space by ordering, cleaning, or doing a small reform. Thus, we kill two birds with one stone, first, we give a different touch and take advantage of the space with all that this entails, more light, more order, and presence, and second, we take care of the state of the house and avoid future claims by the buyer or tenant.

And it is essential to spend a little time and money on housing reform. Be careful, we are not talking about completely changing the appearance of the house or apartment that we want to put on sale.

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It is more of a small facelift in which it is key to enhance the positive things in the house. For example, if the house is small and has little light, we can take advantage of repairing the doors, painting the walls, repairing the windows, and giving a new appearance since with regard to space and light we are more limited. That does not mean that we do not make changes in the furniture, rooms and that we do not fix the pipes or check the state of the electrical installation.

It is about improving the interior condition of the house. Therefore, we recommend that you follow these tips:

Check Exteriors, Walls, And Surfaces:

Making an important reform is to check inside and outside the house. And it is that we must pay attention to aspects such as the coating of the walls, the humidity, and the appearance of the interior and exterior walls. In addition, on many occasions and thanks to good maintenance and reform we save future problems of humidity, leaks, and water losses in pipes, not to mention that we revalue the price of the house. On the other hand, we cannot carry out a face wash when painting since many walls have humidity problems that we can avoid with good treatment. So before painting, check the surfaces.

Order And Cleanliness:

Many times a house is clean but the problems of organization and disorder give a totally different image. Maintaining order and cleanliness in a house is essential to make it more attractive, especially if pets and messy people live in it. A trick to maintain order is to keep the objects that we do not use in rooms that we do not use much. Another trick is to establish visiting hours and days to order before buyers leave.

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In the event that we have an apartment for sale with tenants, we can always go a few minutes before to put some order. In this way, it is easier to keep floors and spaces clean and orderly, avoiding the concentration of objects lying on the floor. Another little trick is to have an incense vaporizer or an air freshener to light it before they visit us. Thus, we avoid bad smells, especially if smokers live in the apartment.

The Picture Tells:

Tidying up and cleaning is just as important as knowing how to sell the “image of the house”.And it is that on many occasions the photographs do not honor reality and make the house look ugly, make it smaller, or simply do not show it in all its splendor.

One tip to avoid this is to take professional photographs. It is about getting the best profile of our property so that it looks better on the net. To do this, follow these tips and you will see how you succeed:

  • Take advantage of the light. Take pictures of the rooms during the day and with windows and backlights.
  • Compare the photos of other sellers and take similar images, but with different angles.
  • Highlight the positive points of your home. If the house is large, take pictures of all the rooms. The same if you have a garden. If the rooms are small, use open angles and horizontal planes to make space appear larger than it is.

Take Advantage Of Technology:

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Technology is there to help us and not to complicate our lives. Precisely, there are new ways to find buyers thanks to the possibilities offered by technology, such as the virtual home staging service.

The virtual home staging is nothing that simulates a 3D building to furnish them virtually.This is ideal for houses that we have just painted or that we want to reform all the furniture since it simulates and fills empty floors as we want. In this way, we manage to transfer a better image of our home.

Of course, this technique that gives added value to your apartment can be achieved in several ways, with a computer program or by selling the apartment in a real estate agency that offers this service.

The Devil Is In The Details:

They say the devil is in the details. And it is that indeed, the sale of a house requires that we take care of each and every one of the key aspects of the house. We have to take care of the appearance and aesthetics of the furniture and rooms, to the interior care and exterior state of the house (reforms and maintenance), going through the price adjustment.

And even offering an image of seriousness and professionalism as owners to earn the trust of the buyer.

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