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Social networks are designed to act as bridges between people, allowing us to share a wide variety of content and design posts that reflect your likes, interests, and favorite hobbies.

A virtual profile can be as private as you want, but this does not mean that your posts, stories or direct cannot be of high quality. Also, if you want to know how to succeed on Instagram, you need to make interesting content and have some preparation.

Before doing a live broadcast, it is recommended that you organize your ideas and have a little notion of what you are going to communicate to your Instagram followers. Here are 10 tips to make the best Instagram live :

1. Practice before posting

A photo or story can be deleted, edited, and uploaded again, but this is not the case for live shows. If this is your first time doing a live and you feel a little nervous, rehearse what you are going to say before going live.

2. Communicate with your friends

Live streams are a popular tool, but one that is rarely used by users with few followers. If this is your case, tell your friends that you will be doing a direct transmission, this will increase your number of visits .

3. Collaborate with a popular user

As you might expect, the accounts with the highest number of followers have more successful live streams. If you’re just starting out, ask a more popular profile for help and collaborate with it.

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4. Be dynamic and lively

Live shows, like stories, must catch the viewer’s attention . Avoid sitting in front of the camera and just talking. Try doing other things, like reacting to a particular video or making short comments on popular topics.

5. Pay attention to interactions

Live shows are an interactive system. Viewers can comment in real time, like on Instagram, and send questions. Do not miss this opportunity to interact with your followers.

6. Choose your themes properly

You may be a rock fanatic or have a great fondness for independent cinema, but if these topics fail to capture the interest of your followers, it will be necessary to change them for more well-known ones.


7. Consume content

To do direct, you have to see direct. So you can find inspiration and find new conversation topics. Every day there are new direct broadcasts on Instagram, from which you can learn a lot.

8. Manage expectations

At first, your live shows may be short and you only have a couple of viewers. This is normal, and over time you will see these numbers improve. In the meantime, don’t lose motivation and keep trying.

9. Remember the statistics

There are several alternatives that will tell you how to see the statistics of a publication on Instagram . This can also be done with live shows, since at the end of each transmission the number of people who connected appears. Take these percentages into account when evaluating the performance of your lives.

10. Have fun recording a live on Instagram

You don’t have to be an influencer to enjoy what Instagram has to offer. It is enough to have a good disposition and a lot of courage. Live shows can be just as entertaining as traditional posts and stories.

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Instagram features you need to know

Social networks evolve rapidly, and every day they present new tools that increase the possible uses of these platforms. Although in reality, it is unlikely that all users use each of the functions of Instagram and other social networks that they have available.

Now that you know how to save a direct from Instagram, you should know that this platform has more instruments than you can imagine, and in case you are wondering what they are, we will explain it to you in detail here. Let us begin!:

·  How to upload multiple photos to Instagram?

Beyond the stories, videos, direct and streaming of IGTV, the main function of Instagram is to store images and photos. If you want to post several photos in a single publication , go to the gallery, select the images you want and upload them to your profile. In total, a single post can contain up to 10 photos.

·  How to give a like on Instagram?

Giving likes is the most basic function of this social network, as well as one of the most fun. All you have to do is press the heart that appears below each post, and you will have already given your like.

·  How do you tag on Instagram?

Hashtags and tags are tools that allow you to position your post and get more people to interact with it. To tag another user, place the @ symbol and select the profile you want to tag. Hashtags are used in the same way, but instead of at, the pound symbol is used.

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·  How to speak on Instagram?

Social networks are spaces dedicated to socialization, so talking and interacting with other users is a fundamental part of the user experience. On Instagram you can start conversations in several ways, with comments, direct messages and responses to stories being the most common options.

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·  When to post on Instagram?

The schedules are also relevant on social networks and Instagram is no exception. The best days to post your posts are Thursdays and Fridays , when participation is greatest. Likewise, the most recommended hours are from 9 am to 7 pm.

·  How to view Instagram messages on your computer?

Previously, the features of Instagram for PC were very limited, but with recent updates, you will now be able to see all your Instagram messages on your computer. To do so, you just have to click on the direct messages icon and the conversations will immediately open.

·  How to create an Instagram filter?

The filters Instagram are the major attraction of this platform, and you can create them. If you want to have a custom filter, go to Google Play or App Store and download an application with which you can create your own special effects for Instagram.

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