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Facebook is utilized by over 2.7 billion people each month to catch up with their friends and family and explore new things and experiences. This volume means that if you position your brand presence on Facebook perfectly and capture even a tiny sliver of this traffic, you will be laughing all the way to the bank. However, over nine million advertisers are active on this platform, so you might need some guidance on how to stand out from the masses. In addition, Facebook users are inundated by adverts and information about brands, so you need surgical precision in your digital strategy.

Instead of stumbling in the dark, you can consider enlisting the services of a social media marketing agency to enable you to refine your campaign. It helps to have a clue of the goals of your Facebook campaign and target market. It is reasonable to do extensive research on the possibility of accomplishing your goals using Facebook alone or incorporating a multi-pronged approach. You can combine Facebook with other social media channels like Twitter to cover all your bases.

Have clear goals for your Facebook campaign or strategy and the capability to obtain and analyze metrics to determine your progress. A social media marketing agency can come in handy for analysis tools and interpretations. Your goals could include

  • Increase your brand value. Facebook enables you to better interact with customers, avail resource materials in case of customer queries, and improve general customer awareness of your brand.
  • Increase your customer base. You may use Facebook to capture the attention of prospective clients, inform them of your services and guide them to commit to a sale. This process requires a keen knowledge of your audience.  
  • Keep track of your industry. As you interact with your clients, you can keep tabs on how your industry is fairing and keep tabs on your competitors.
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If you find your goals are a bit obscure, you can still consult a social media marketing agency from the outset, as they will bring a fresh perspective.

Ways in which Facebook is helping Brands manage their content and communities.

Facebook recently released the State of Small Businesses Report, which showed that more than 55% of small businesses use digital tools to engage their customers. This study was swiftly followed by an upgrade of services and functionality of these digital tools across their different products. These upgrades are tailored to improve the interaction between businesses and their clients and enable businesses to grow their online communities.

Growing community

The newly redesigned Facebook Pages, which was launched this past January, enables users to access pertinent content from other businesses while remaining within the app. It also has tools to better manage your online community by streamlining everyday tasks like posting, liking, and commenting within your business profile.

Users only have to click or hover above the icon of a specific update or post to view a thorough feed of listings from these Pages in line with their top interests.

For a better user experience and time management, Facebook recommends the Professional Dashboard. Professional Dashboard is a centralized hub for all your essential tools and any actionable Page Insights. It also increases accountability and security as you can set task-based permissions to your page admins to enable you to track who has access to your Page.

Increasing Discovery

As the digital business market continues to grow in leaps and bounds, Facebook has continued to evolve with these developments. They recently introduced a ‘Conversion Leads’ target for Lead Ads enabling advertisers to calibrate their ads for leads over sheer volumes of audiences. This approach focuses on the functionality of Lead ads over reach alone or quality over quantity.

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Conversion leads have proven somewhat effective in practice as Lead Ads that use Conversion Leads reported a 20% increase in lead-to-sale conversion vis-a-vis the previous Lead optimization. Take it a step further and link your CRM software to Facebook for seamless communication and client management.

You can now also convert your Lead ads form directly to Messenger templates to reach prospective clients instantly. This new strategy has been proven in the testing phase to increase lead volume drastically.

Business Suite

Facebook rolled out the Business Suite last year, tailored for one-stop management of all facets of a business’s online presence. Businesses that use it were polled, and two-thirds reported an increased connection with its customers. You can plan and schedule posts and Stories to go live on both Facebook and Instagram. The planned content appears on our online calendar in the Business Suite. You can also save all your Facebook and Instagram posts as drafts giving you more versatility as you create posts and stories.

You can procure the services of a social media marketing agency to assist you in utilizing these Facebook tools and whatever other specialist tools they might have in their arsenal.

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