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With education being ever-evolving and the upcoming era of digital education, there has become a dire need for good and quality teachers in the industry. If you are interested in setting up a teacher supply agency, you need to keep some points in mind. You can also have a peek this site leading educational employment agencies to get to learn more about how these agencies work. Stick to the end to know more about what are the important factors to explore while starting an education employment agency.

Why Start an Education Employment Agency?

The key to a good future is education. While there may be loads of individuals with a lot of information, a good teacher is the one who can convey the same without being deterred about the number of times they have to explain it or the number of doubts their student may have. So, there may be a quantity but there is a dire need for quality teachers. Here, you fill up your role as an education employment source or a teacher recruiter, making sure the teachers tick all the needed boxes so that their students are truly satisfied. You can have a peek at this site leading educational employment agencies to get to know more about how various education employment agencies work.

Steps to Make Your Education Employment Agency Big

Here are a few factors you need to consider in order to start an agency to recruit teachers.

Look Where the Candidates Are

You need to start recruiting primarily from where the teachers are going to be. For example, teachers have admitted to searching if jobs are available on the internet first. They also regularly check job boards, almost daily to see if there are any postings that suit them. Teachers also go through the website of their districts to see openings for them. So, if you want to start an education employment agency, you need to advertise in these areas, from where you will attract a good amount of interested candidates.

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What is Your Niche?

In the education industry, it is very important to not just have a broad mindset of how many teachers you’re going to hire and in which field, etc. but also know what specific field you are exploring to hire teaches in. You may already have a specialization to start with if you have been a part of the education sector and worked in it or even if you’ve had some experience being involved within a larger education employment agency.

When you start a new agency, you may have the fear that you’re losing on some fields and work that is available if they corner themselves in their specific niche but this is not true at all. If you have a specific area of expertise, it can go a long way and clients may also be impressed with it, especially those who are looking for education opportunities in that particular sector.

Smooth Application Process

Teachers looking to be recruited always send out applications in dozens of job openings, and not just yours. So, when your business is taking off, you can expect many teachers to send you their resumes, whether they know it themselves too that they may not be the best fit for your opening.

Now, what does this mean for your agency? You need to have a system in place that can collect and store all the CVs being submitted. This way, you can easily sort through all and easily find the right candidates with the potential you need. This whole process has been made incredibly easy by online tracking softwares, which makes the whole work seem doable. As a founder of an education employment agency, you don’t just want the hiring part to be the main focus for your every moment.

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Show Your Experience

Education providers always want to partner up with people who know what they’re talking about and a recruitment agency that knows what it’s going for. So, it is essential for your agency to develop such branding and messaging that shows your experience and highlights your knowledge in the education sector. You also need to fill up the staff of your agency, that are the recruiters with people who know exactly what they need in the company, what quality education they expect and do they know what skills and qualifications are needed for people to be employed in this field.

Analyze New Hires and Applicant Pool

You need to keep analyzing your hires and people who have applied for particular positions. For example, you can look at the population of new teachers hired in a particular district or by a particular agency. This is probably similar to your applicant pool. See what qualities are present in these teachers. Now, look at your positions. Have you filled all these positions or are some still empty for the right candidates?

Second, take a look at your new hire information and contrast it to the applicant pool you have, and point out all the differences. Check if the majority of education providers you hire are coming with a similar experience. Are a major fraction of new hires coming from referrals done by word of mouth? Does your agency hire more teachers from the applicant pool of substitute teachers or those educators who stepped into the sectors as student teachers? You need to ask and ponder over these questions moving forward in the business as an education employment agency and continually keep track. In some subject areas, high-quality teachers are required. Some questions that can help you analyze your recruitment in these subject areas are:

  • Did you have good quality teachers applying to your agency in the first place?
  • Out of all the applicants who filled in for positions, were the best quality teachers hired? Is it possible that good teachers with unique skill sets were possibly missed while screening through candidates?
  • Is your agency focusing on filling positions in areas that have a shortage of quality teachers like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), speech pathology, and special education?
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To get an even better insight, you can look at the retention rate of every year’s new hires and compare it to the overall retention rate of your company. This way, you can have somewhat a clear idea of how good your screening process is and how well the teachers you recruit suit the institutions they provide their service in.

These were some points you need to cover while starting up your business as an education employment agency. Take care to always choose quality education providers and always look for betterment and growth of your company.


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