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React is a commonly used JavaScript library to develop front-end web apps. It contains several libraries and applications that can boost your productivity. The React toolkit includes plenty of options to pick the right one that suits your mission. React uses a variety of frameworks and tools which may cause young developers who are trying hard to explore and understand this technology. Hence, picking the right tools and IDE has to be the single most essential step when you are going to hire ReactJS developer for your project.

In this blog we let us help you choose the most suitable React developer tool for your project. Here we will discuss with you the most promising tools to improve React developers’ productivity and enhance the overall development workflow. Without further ado, let us look at these hand-picked React developers tools.

Create React App

Creator: Facebook

Create React App is a single command-line released by Facebook. This tool empowers developers by speeding up the process of setting up environments for all-new React projects. This tool sets up a developer environment, provides a frontend build pipeline, and optimizes the app for production.

This means that developers no longer need to spend time on configuration as they can use this tool with any backend language.


Creator: Arunoda Susiripala

Storybook is another popular React Developer tool for creating, developing, and testing User Interface components. It provides you with both a UI component playground and UI development environment. A major benefit with Storybook is that it not only provides you with a development environment for UI components but also enables you to test and display them with utmost ease.

Developers can also build a static version of Storybook. On their server with the help of a gallery of UI components which is shared by all team members. However, this comes with a catch that developers are not able to extract components across the projects.

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Creator: Facebook

Jest is one of the most popular React testing tools created by Facebook. It’s a JavaScript testing framework that was made to test React components. Developers usually go for Jest for testing React since it created, developed, and supported by the React community.

Furthermore, it also works for various other JS solutions such as Node, TypeScript, Babel, Vue, and Angular.

The testing process in Jest is designed to keep the highest performance. For an instance, all the previously failed tests are run first for the next iteration.


Creator: Mark Marcelo

Reactide is a dedicated IDE for React development. It’s a cross-platform tool that allows rendering of React components without server configuration, build, and on a custom browser simulator. Furthermore, developers can create state flow visualizations.

Developers can also track all the changes without jumping between IDE and browser. Reactide makes boilerplate configuration quicker with the help of Create React App integration.


Creator: Dan Abramov

Redux is one of the popular JS state containers. The application’s state is contained in a store which allows every other component to use it. With Redux in place, you can use Flux to ensure that your complex app behaves consistently.

You don’t even need to do this if you’re using a dedicated toolkit for Redux called Redux Toolkit. This toolkit is ready to use and helps the developers immensely to write Redux logic.

Redux Devtools is another live-editing tool that helps in debugging and testing your code.

React Developer Tools

Creator: Facebook

React Developer Tools is a Google Chrome extension that enables developers to inspect React component hierarchy inside the browser which includes component state and props. Once you install the extension, a new tab “React” appears in the Chrome DevTools.

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Developers can use this to see how changing even a single component can have a huge impact on other components. Furthermore, these tools also help developers to design a better component structure. The tool has over 1 million users. Furthermore, Facebook has also released React Developer Tools extension for Firefox as well.

React 360

Creator: Andrew Imm

As the name suggests, React 360 is a framework used for creating interactive 360 experiences. Which run in web browsers. It combines modern APIs like WebVR and WebGL with the declarative power of React. To create applications that can be easily accessed via multiple devices.

This tool leverages the robust React ecosystem and web technologies to simplify the construction of cross-platform 360 experiences.

React Cosmos

Creator: Ovidiu Cherecheș

React Cosmos is a practical developer tool that helps in building reusable React components. First of all, it scans React projects for the components along with allowing the rendering with different combinations of context, props, and state.

With React Cosmos in place, developers can also mock external dependencies like local storage or API responses which let developers view their app’s state in real-time.


Creator: Jonathan Saring

BIT is nothing but a CLI tool. It was created for the prime purpose of solving problems. Associated with React components sharing. With BIT, developers can distribute and organize UI components among all the team members. Furthermore, you can also use all the departed components anywhere whenever they are needed.

It also tests and exports as a standalone unit since each component is isolated. It makes testing easier by allowing you to implement small changes just by dealing with one particular component. Moreover, BIT is ideal for test-driven development due to component isolation. Also, it’s free for open-source projects.


React Proto

Creator: Brian Taylor,Erik Guntner and Blessing E Ebowe

React Proto helps in creating the application architecture the other way round. First, you begin with visual design, and then Proto offers you application files that help in further development. One important thing to notice is that. This can be used for new projects. As well as for the existing ones.

As the name suggests, React Proto is great when it comes to prototyping or defining the hierarchy of components. It also helps developers to define props in ReactJS and other states too.

It enables developers to test their ideas along with kick-starting projects speedily without consuming too many resources and time on coding.


In this blog, we have provided you with a brief overview of the best React developer tools in 2021. However, you must consider the unique needs of your project in mind while choosing the right tools.

It is necessary to consider your business needs and offshore development requirements before implementing any React developer tool. It is equally important to hire a professional React developer who is well-adept in utilising the above mentioned React developer tools.

Hope this blog has provided you with everything that you want to know about the React developer tools. If you still want to know more about React developer tools than you can reach us out at any time. Till then, keep following this space for more such amazing insights.

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