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If you are running a company or are working as an employee in one, you would know how important it is to stay motivated. Much of it depends on the employer as well. If the company does not keep its employees motivated in various ways, they will not stay for long. Then no matter what talent acquisition strategies you use, you might be able to hire an individual temporarily. But if you fail to keep him motivated, he will eventually leave.

Here are ways that can help you to achieve the goal.

Acknowledging Achievements

If your employee achieves a milestone, you must acknowledge him as well. However, it is not always necessary that the achievement is big. Appreciating them for the slightest of them is essential. Acknowledgment makes the employees more confident about themselves. Thus, allowing them to perform better. So, recognize your employees’ efforts as much as you can. Remember to give credit whenever it is due.

Rewarding Employees

Apart from acknowledging, it is also essential to reward your employees in various ways. At times it means that the employee has to do more than just giving a pat on the employees’ backs. If you think that giving monetary rewards is the only way, that is wrong as well. Of course, monetary benefits matter a great deal but you can also give them in other ways. For example, reserving a spot in the parking area for a week for employee of the week could do much more than you imagine.

Therefore, try spending some time every week thinking of gestures that you could display to reward engaging employees.

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Friendly Competition

Encouraging friendly competition is between employees is a healthy activity. However, the employer should know and decide what is it that will not turn it into unhealthy competition. Because things often tend to get out of hand, giving rise to negative traits like jealousy. One way is to encourage your employees to take part in competitions and activities that you plan within the office premises. Such activities also increase employee engagement and participation.

Creating a Career Path

Making all the incentives to your employees motivates them to do better. As they become aware of what their actions or hard work can earn them. Thus, making them more committed to their work and striving to perform better. Moreover, providing employees with various opportunities to learn new skills makes them more valuable for the organization.

Therefore, you must plan training for your employees that will make valuable additions in their skillsets. As more knowledgeable the employees will be in their fields, more benefits the company can reap out of them. Making it a win-win situation.

Be the Leader Worth Following

As a boss, it is your responsibility to set a good example for your employees. As they will look up to you for any sort of inspiration that they need. However, if you fail to be that leader. Your employees will say demotivated as well. Leaders have this responsibility of setting the values and a tone for the employees to follow. For example, if you encourage positive thinking, then all the employees will follow your footsteps and do the same. You have the power to influence your employees. Do it in the right way to have motivated employees.

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Encouraging Creativity

Creativity does not always mean that the employees have to show their creative side regarding work. You could ask for their input in several other things. For example, what should be the next company retreat? Do not shun employees who come up with unique or out of the box ideas. Instead, encourage them to get creative. As it will also show in their work eventually.

Welcome Ideas

Encourage employees to share every idea that comes to their minds. And do not shame them if some ideas do not resonate with you. As that discourages the employees and they become reluctant to share anything that comes to their minds. You should respect the fact that every person is unique and thinks differently. Also, you never know when an idea that sounds silly to you turns into something brilliant after brainstorming. Never underestimate!

Do Not Bore the Employees

Employers should keep their employees engaged and not let them become bored. Some of the many ways include spending time together after work hours doing fun activities. Or you could plan a quarterly trip with your employees. The ideas are unlimited. All you have to do is brainstorm and think of ways that would keep your employees interested in the company. As too much work tends to get exhausting and boring. I did a small informal survey of employees from my friend’s IT staffing company. They told me about the amount of fun they had after getting work done. Perhaps it is one of the reasons his company’s turnover rate is low!