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With 100 million daily active users and 500 million tweets sent daily, Twitter, a social networking site founded in 2006, is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media channels available today. But its popularity can be intimidating if you don’t know its new and upgraded features, installed in 2020. In this article, we will talk about said features and updates.

Conversation insight tool:

Twitter has presented another conversation insight element to its Media Studio that offers more insights regarding you’rementioning of tweets, who’s referencing you, and filters to give extra data about the kinds of records that are related to your profile.

Conversation awareness encourages publicists to see tweets that they may have missed on a customized website, permitting them to perceive what’s been said about them with time.

Twitter Rolls Out Option:

Topics, another feature from Twitter, represents a big attempt to address the issue. You will have the option to follow more than 300 topics in sports, diversion, and gameplay similarly as you can follow singular records at present. In return, you’re going to see tweets from accounts you don’t follow who have validity on those themes.

Twitter executives trust that Topics can make the site more accessible for new and incidental clients and advance the investigation of new records and discussions by heavy clients.

Modern Features, Arriving in 2020: 

Five new features have been arriving in 2020. Most of the thoughts focus on giving clients more control over retweets and @ mentions and security from conversations people would prefer not to participate in. In this way it would be easier for them to increase audience reach after buying cheap twitter followers from other sources also.

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Confirmation of Bots profile on the twitter with a Checkmark: 

This might be fascinating the presence of bot profiles, non-human Twitter handles that can intensify, endeavor, and copy tweet collaboration is one of the common issues raised by Twitter.

It currently has a confirmation process that confirms individuals’ character, and it’s a straightforward blue checkmark. This will assist you with getting responsibility as you will realize who is behind each record.

Twitter draws simple emoticon to the direct messages:

The new feature from Twitter draws motivation from Instagram and Facebook, permitting clients to react with a simple emoticon to the immediate messages.

Presently, if clients lean toward not to compose a reaction, they can respond with a suitable emoji to others’ DMs. This can be done by double-tapping a message, or by tapping on the new sign symbol for heart plus. An emoji response can be reversed at any moment, so if you mistakenly respond to the situation with the wrong emoji there’s no need to panic.

Twitter’s having a New Feature Which Will Enable You to deal with multiple accounts: 

Twitter is trying another alternative that would permit you to switch accounts inside the tweet response measure, making multiple account interactions on the go easier to manage.

This choice could permit the individuals who deal with numerous accounts to monitor important notifications and activities (say follow their other accounts from their profile).

Hence, by having these additional features, twitter has allowed users to track and engage in real-time, personalized messages with various people, businesses, and media outlets. People now can post pictures, images links, and videos with ease and security.