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Developing a web application for your company is not a child’s play. You need to think carefully about the technology that you want to use. Besides this, there are several other factors that can affect your development. Such as security, speed, performance, resources, scalability, etc. And today, the market is full of a large number of website frameworks out there. So the question is, which framework can fulfil your needs? Nowadays web developers prefer to use the PHP framework and Laravel is the prominent one.

Laravel has made it possible for web app developers to develop highly personalized web applications. It is one of the simplest and feature enriched frameworks. This is the reason that it delivers flawless syntax at high-end output.

If you’re a business owner who intends to do Laravel app development, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we will explain you the meaning of Laravel and show you the reasons that make it the highly preferred framework of 2021.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP web development framework developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011. It contains a set of tools and resources to build modern PHP applications. Laravel provides a complete ecosystem and various compatible packages and extensions.

Laravel has gained a massive popularity in the web development industry since its inception. A lot of this popularity can be attributed to the many developer-first-minded features it comes with stock.

Why is Laravel the best framework?

Most business owners prefer the Laravel framework for their web application development as it is blessed with amazing syntax. It makes web development faster by simplifying the cashing, routing, and authentication processes. This remarkable features makes Laravel the best choice for small websites and enterprise-level web apps to make thier tasks as comfortable as possible.

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Many times the question has been asked, like why to use Laravel or why Laravel is the best framework for 2021. Here are some factors that make the developers choose Laravel over any other PHP framework:

1. Better Authorization

Authentication is the reason most business and web developers prefer Laravel over other frameworks. Authentication makes your web application and website more secure and notifies you when some unknown user tries to access the admin panel or server.

Laravel authenticates the login, registration, and password reset process with a single command. Laravel makes it easy to identify user identity by providing web apps with a session that collects input parameters such as username or email and password to identify a particular user.

2. Great MVC Support

MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. MVC is a software architecture that separates application, business, domain, logic from the interface.

Laravel follows a Model view controller architecture that comes with built-in functions that allow developers to develop an app in a better and elegant way. This architecture makes Laravel the most desirable mobile app framework for startups and medium-sized businesses.

Laravel provides different views simultaneously for the same model. Besides this, the MVC pattern also recycles the application logic when using different templates.

3. Enhanced security

Security becomes the need for an hour at the time of web development. Server security and application security are of utmost importance in web development.

Laravel frameworks use hash passwords and SQL Injections to maintain the security of data. It restricts any kind of suspicious malware activities or threats over the platform.

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Moreover, Laravel contains a built in encryption mechanism. That takes your web security to the next level. It saves your application from SQL injection. So, when cybercriminals attack your database. Laravel prevents data loss and blocks their identity or IP address.

4. Database Migration

Databases mainly store tables, scripts, files, etc. to change and implement a website or application’s data structure which is necessary sometimes. But database migration in the PHP framework is a time-consuming task.

Here Laravel comes to your help. Laravel provides a faster migration so you can quickly expand. The database structure without doing changes in the database.

By using Laravel Schema Builder, you can create database tables and insert columns and indices in them. Also enables the databse safety and reduces the risk of losing any data.

5. Template Engine

Laravel contains a pre-installed template engine called ‘Blade’. The blade allows you to work with both HTML and PHP. It gives you the ability to develop excellent layouts at a great speed. The blade does not need excessive platforms as its size is very small.

Blade effectively handles the data by connecting source code processing, data model, and output management. Blade also displays the data layout enhancements. Its content seeding feature enables you to create innovative layouts.

Furthermore, the blade template engine offers a robust structure to create files with conditional statements. The integration of conditional statements allows you to segment your templates into different sections that make it easier for other files to inherit them.

6. Excellent ORM

Heard about the word ORM ever before? Object-Relational-Mapping is one of the most prevalent techniques of computer science. It is used to convert data into an incompatible system to make them more compatible.

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Object-oriented programming languages make this conversion possible. It will create a virtual database that you can access from within the programming language itself.

Laravel’s ORM system lets you do that. You can interact with different database objects and understand the relationships among them by using an expressive syntax.

7. Good with app testing

App testing contributes a lot to its development process. The reason behind this is that there may be errors or faults that may hinder your app’s working. If encountered at the right time, they get solved and the app efficiency can be maintained.

Laravel offers extensive testing capabilities and authentic packages to ensure the functionality of developed applications. Some of the app tests that are available to detect regression and suggest better ways to prevent them within a framework.


Now that we are at the end of this discussion. We hope you get the reasons behind the increasing craze for learning and using Laravel is increasing at a faster pace.

Laravel offers every single feature that a secure and robust application requires. IT makes your web application advanced and equipped with full functionality.

So what are you waiting for? Just contact us today to hire Laravel developer to build successful web applications. If you want any further information, then you can reach us at any time. I hope you had a great experience reading this blog.

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